Computer desk from GULLIVER crib. Old IKEA cot gets new life.

I made a computer desk from my son’s old IKEA GULLIVER crib (with IKEA mattress for that crib).

IKEA items used:
  • GULLIVER crib
  • LINNMON table top

Crib to computer desk conversion

Basically the stand of the desk is the crib. I made it according to original IKEA instructions, leaving out the front wall.

Then I added an IKEA LINNMON table on top. There are no any other parts used. If you wish for more stability, secure the table top to the crib frame with L-brackets.

And it looks beautiful!

From crib to computer desk. IKEA GULLIVER gets new life.

I’m a short girl, I put my legs on the mattress. There is enough space for my legs and it’s very cozy.

For somebody taller, it might be a problem. In that case, remove the mattress and base.

Another great thing (and function) of this set up is that my kid puts his toys there. It’s a little play house for him.

From crib to computer desk. IKEA GULLIVER gets new life.

~ by Andrijana, from Belgrade, Serbia. Follow me on Facebook.

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