Hackers Help: Do you know this metal + glass IKEA table?

metal and glass ikea table

This is a metal and glass IKEA table my parents bought, for sure, in IKEA Duiven in the Netherlands somewhere in the 80’s.

I have it since 2001 and have been trying to figure out the name.

My parents think it is one of the PS collections.

I’ve seen one with some grey-ish table legs as well.

metal and glass IKEA table

metal and glass IKEA table

metal and glass IKEA table

I sure hope that of all these IKEA hackers someone knows the official name of my favorite living room coffee table.

Kind regards


Hi Kim

That’s a pretty glass IKEA table. I can see why it’s your favourite.

But, I’m stumped. It’s definitely before my time, as I’ve never seen this one before. I did a bit of googling too but couldn’t find any similar coffee tables.

Hopefully, an IKEA fan out there will have a name for you.



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