Hackers Help: How to reinforce PAX back panels?


Just about to order 100cm wide PAX wardrobes.

The PAX back panels seem a bit flimsy and I am guessing that they will bulge if anything is pushed against them from the inside of the wardrobe.

How to reinforce PAX back panels
PAX | IKEA.com

Does anyone have a suggestion for backing them up? I was thinking of fixing some ply battens across the back. Say 10cm wide 9mm thick, spaced 50cm vertically. Any views from anyone?

~ by Malcolm


Hi Malcolm

Yes, you are right. The PAX back panels are a bit flimsy and will bulge if you lean something against it, from inside.

I’ve not had a need to reinforce the back panels of my PAX wardrobe, so I’ve not given this a go.
But, I think your idea of ply battens should work.

Anyone else with a brilliant idea?


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