Hackers Help: Can I turn regular PAX units into a corner wardrobe?

Pax corner wardrobe

I am thinking of purchasing a PAX wardrobe to fit on a little corner on my entry room.

I really like the new design of PAX corner module. The problem is that the corner unit is very similar to a regular unit but almost 3 times the price! (at least in Spain)

PAX corner wardrobe

Do you know if it is possible to hack a regular unit to act as corner unit? My guess is that making space to open the doors correctly is the tricky part. Thank you for your help!

~ by Yolanda from Spain

All photos from IKEA.com

Corner wardrobe solution found!

Updated 25 February 2020.

See Simon’s 35mm PAX corner wardrobe hack using regular units to achieve a corner.

pax corner wardrobe

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1. The backer board is thin and not rigid. Over the time it deforms. It also doesn’t make the PAX frame very stable. (Others have mentioned their concern.)

2. The shelves, specially those longer than 50 cm, tend to sag in the middle.

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