IKEA Shoe Shelf for Big Feet and Big Collection

My partner and I both have big feet and lots of shoes. We live in a relatively small apartment together, and needed an efficient way to store our shoes.

I spent too many hours hunting for affordable shoe shelf options that were:

1. capacious,

2. easy to assemble and move, and

3. not hideous or hideously cheap-looking.

In the end, we found the IKEA FJÄLKINGE Shelf Unit. With a tweak, it would meet all our needs.

I love how the shoes are displayed now, and how easy it is to take apart this DIY IKEA shoe shelf. We’re renters, so I wanted something that we could move to a new home one day without having it fall apart.

IKEA items used for IKEA Shoe Shelf:
  • 1 x FJÄLKINGE Shelf Unit
  • The shelves from a second FJÄLKINGE Shelf Unit (In some places it is possible to purchase these individually from IKEA. I purchased a second shelf unit on Craigslist to keep costs down)

Follow the IKEA instructions to assemble one shelf unit. Using the same technique, add the shelves from the second unit at whatever height works for you.

IKEA Shoe Shelf for Big Feet and Big Collection

I’ve been incredibly happy with how this turned out. I wish it had been possible to buy individual additional shelves, but that wasn’t in the cards for this project.

The total cost came up to around $200.

What was the hardest part of the DIY IKEA shoe shelf?

It shoe rack is totally easy to do. The hardest part about this hack was figuring out what shelving to use. I wanted something that would look at least marginally polished in our front entry way, and that wouldn’t eat up all my free time to assemble. Once we decided on the FJÄLKINGE Shelf unit, it was full steam ahead.

IKEA Shoe Shelf for Big Feet and Big Collection

Keeping the frame for future hack

You could probably DIY additional shelves if you wanted to. For now, we’ve got the frame of the second unit hidden under our bed … maybe some day we’ll assemble both units individually?

IKEA Shoe Shelf for Big Feet and Big Collection

My friends are invariably jealous of our storage space. We are 100% judged for the size of our shoe collection.

I hope this hack spares someone else the pain of researching that I went through!

~ by Hannah

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