Hackers Help: METOD doors for IKEA PLATSA frame?

Does anyone know if any of the IKEA METOD kitchen doors 40cm wide (e.g KALLARP) could be fitted to the 80cm IKEA PLATSA frames?


The IKEA PLASTA dimensions are perfect for toy storage in our playroom but the doors are pretty uninspiring. I am wondering if the kitchen doors would be too heavy?


~ by Trevor and Laura


Hi Trevor and Laura

I do agree the IKEA PLATSA doors leave a lot to be desired. That’s also the one reason I hesitate getting the PLATSA. I’m hoping IKEA will release a wider range of doors for it soon.

Dimensions of IKEA PLATSA frame – an almost fit

Looking at the dimensions of the METOD doors and PLATSA frames, they seem to fit width wise. As for length, both systems differ approximately 20cm, except for the square doors. But length is quite an easy problem to solve.

The weight of the doors are pretty much the same. I looked at the KALLARP 40×100 cm door and the package weights 5.49 kg. While a FONNES (for PLATSA) door is at 6.49 kg, given it is 20cm longer than the KALLARP. So I don’t think the weight of the door is something you need to worry about.

Another thing to note are the hinges. The METOD uses the UTRUSTA hinges and the PLATSA, the HJÄLPA Standard hinges.

METOD doors for IKEA PLATSA frame

I can’t be sure (since I’ve never done this) but you might need to make some new holes on the PLATSA frame to accommodate the UTRUSTA hinges. 

Good luck and hope the switcheroo works out. I’ll be very interested to see how you fit the METOD doors on the PLATSA frame.

Happy hacking,


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