Hackers Help: Need ideas for an IKEA storage unit

Hi! I need ideas for an IKEA storage unit.

I currently lodge with a friend who is a pretty chilled out landlady and has let me decorate my room how I please.

In the master bedroom of a small two up two down terrace, I’ve already managed to fit in a double bed, a workspace and a “living room” with seating area/ tv. So it’s more like a studio apartment in layout.

My problem is that I just need a bit more storage to keep everything as tidy as possible. My idea is a horizontal side board style unit that will fit behind a small futon and behind the door.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit

I can’t go vertical because I also move the futon around to workout. (Yes, I am a total recluse and do demand a lot from a small space) lol. So this IKEA storage unit would be on wheels as well.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit

Anyways. It seems straight forward enough, find two units and bridge them together at the top and bottom? But I can’t find anything on the IKEA website that would do the trick.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit

It needs to about 100 cm wide and up to 50 cm deep. I’ve done some rough sketches

Can you help?

Kind regards

~ by Marcus


Hi Marcus

Great job in making the most out of your space.

I doubt that I can suggest the exact storage configuration of shelves and drawers so, I’ll just go by size.

Ideas for IKEA storage unit

#1 STUVA bench with storage

My thought would be to use the STUVA range.

The frame of the STUVA bench measures 90 x 50 x 50 cm. You didn’t mention height, but these measurements are pretty close. Complete it with a FRITIDS box and you’ll have quite a bit of storage and the box comes with castors. Win! (But you’ll need to move the frame separately.) Add padding on top and you’ll have extra seating for guests too.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit
STUVA bench | IKEA.com
#2 STUVA chest and LILLÅNGEN end units

I have another idea which will take a bit of work. You can use the STUVA / FRITIDS chest of 3 drawers. It’s 60 cm wide, 50 cm deep and 64 cm high. Then add to its side 2 LILLÅNGEN end units, which measure 19 x 19 x 64 cm each.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit

Attach them, like so, to the STUVA unit.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit

That will give you almost 80 cm wide. If you want it to span to 100 cm, add another 2 on the other end of the STUVA.

Secure a piece of board under the STUVA and LILLÅNGEN combo and then fasten castor wheels under that.

#3 TV benches and frames

Or if you’re willing to go a little longer, some TV benches like the BRIMNES (120 x 41 x 53 cm) is also a good choice.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit
BRIMNES tv bench | IKEA.com

The TROFAST toy storage unit is also pretty close in terms of the size you want. This one is 94 x 44 x 53 cm. Paint it, add wheels, slot in shelves, bins and you’re good to go.

Help me figure out an IKEA storage unit
TROFAST toy storage | IKEA.com

Alternatively, do you have the PLATSA range where you live? If you do, you can also explore that.

Finally, there’s a website, ikeabysize.com. The name says it all. Key in the dimensions of your ideal IKEA storage unit. Click submit and it will list all IKEA items according to the size. Give it a whirl.

Good luck and your search for the perfect IKEA storage unit.


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