Hackers Help: Cover up back of PAX doors?

studio apartment divided into 1 bedroom

I want to use PAX sliding doors to turn a studio into a 1-bed.

I don’t want to have to look at all the fixings of the back of the PAX door in my bedroom.

But I don’t want to cause problems for the sliding mechanism with too much extra weight.

studio apartment room divider

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Any ideas for how to cover the backs without weighing down the doors too much please?

Thanks in advance, 

~ Kat 


Hi Kat

Great that you’re using the PAX to create a sliding door room divider for your space. They can end up looking absolutely fabulous, like the one pictured above.

Ideas to cover up back of PAX doors

I believe if you build a frame and mount the doors in front of them, you should not be able to see the fixings at the back.

Like so:

Back of Pax doors - studio apartment sliding door room divider

What he did was to whip up 2 wooden frames and mounted them to the ceiling, walls and floor. He then mounted the PAX doors and tidied up the frame. Read more about thedesignguy’s sliding door room divider.

Other ways to cover up the fixings

Okay, if not keen on a full frame, then perhaps a pelmet to cover the top where the rails are?

Source: DesigningBuildings.co.uk

If your space configuration allows it, you can also consider a barn door type of construction. If you choose the right barn door hardware, it becomes part of the decor and not at quite as horrid to sleep next to.

Back of pax door barn door style

Click to see this barn door style PAX door.

Last suggestion – curtains!

Nothing beats sheer curtains in this kind of set up. They are lightweight and softens up the decor considerably.

Hang up the curtains using the DIGNITET curtain wire to hide away the fixing. It will also be an extra layer of screen to block out light, should you have guests in the living room.

I hope you find some ideas with these. Let us know how it works out.

Happy hacking,


Jules Yap