Smash Bros Ultimate cover for IKEA magazine holders

ikea magazine holders with super smash bros ultimate cover

I had a row of IKEA magazine holders on my BILLY shelf. After looking at them for a while, I decided it was too boring. So I decided to customize it a bit.

IKEA magazine holders in white - FLUNS

It took me just a few hours to do the whole project. The cost of the file holders was 3€ in total (2 packs and a half).

What I like about this is I turned the cheapest magazine file holders into the coolest.

IKEA items used: 
  • IKEA FLUNS magazine file
Other materials and tools: 

Cover image on IKEA magazine holders: 

Pick a wide image you want to print for your cover. Mine was an ultra-wide picture from the Super Smash Bros Ultimate videogame

Super Smash Bros Ultimate image
Source: Nintendo

Then, slice the wide image so every image can be printed in a full DINA4 page, keeping the 1.41 ratio. For example, if the image is 680px height, then you take a section of 480px width.

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This is the hardest part of the hack. To layout the picture so it will fit correctly into a DINA4 page.

File holders with Super Smash Bros Ultimate cover

Then, take that slice and print it in a DINA4 photo paper.

Every page can cover 3 IKEA magazine files, so cut it in 3 vertical sections, about 7cm each.

IKEA magazine holders with Super Smash Bros Ultimate cover
IKEA magazine holders with Super Smash Bros Ultimate cover

Then cut a hole by placing the paper on the file holder, draw a circle with a pencil and then cut it.

Glue the photo paper in the magazine file and then you’re done.

Pay special attention to cutting the hole for the magazine file in the right place. And don’t put too much glue.

~ by Javier Rengel

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