IKEA SCHOTTIS hacks and quick fixes that make it better

ikea schottis blinds

We just love the IKEA SCHOTTIS pleated shade. Best thing about it, it costs only $3.99.

Besides, it looks good and does the job, whether as a permanent or temporary fix.


The blinds are really easy to attach to your window frame. No drilling needed. All you need to do is cut the shade to the length you need. Peel and stick. Easy peasy. Here’s an installation video, if you need instructions.

IKEA SCHOTTIS, oh blind me!

Don’t be fooled by its price tag. It can look pretty dang awesome. Just feast your eyes on it, installed in these homes.


Convinced yet?

IKEA SCHOTTIS blinds fixes

Now, there are a few quick fixes if you do run into problems with it. Here are two of the most common:

#1 Double sided tape won’t stick

You’re supposed to stick the double sided tape on the top edge of the shade onto the intended surface. But at times it just doesn’t stick well (like on my orange peel wall) or it will peel off after some time. My quick fix is to use a tension rod (which I got from Daiso).

What I did was to fold the top edge of the shade and staple it down to form a loop, large enough to fit the rod. The staples do not look great but it’s not very noticeable from far. I’m fine with it as it took me less than 2 minutes to get it over with, so it will have to do for now.

Then, I inserted the rod and wound it to the right tension for my window opening. And it’s been up for over a year, with no problems.

If you want a neater finish, use hot glue or sew a stitch across.

#2 Clips won’t hold up the pleats

The plastic clips that keep the blinds open in the desired position are quite feeble. At first, I used them but they kept coming off especially after a strong gust of wind. So, I resort to cute binder clips to keep them in place.

What other issues have you encountered using this stick-on shade?

Customised SCHOTTIS shade

Now, if you don’t want to hang it from top to bottom, that’s also possible to turn them into custom SCHOTTIS privacy blinds.

custom blinds

But that’s not all you can do with it. Let’s take it out of its comfort zone, shall we? Here are a few things you can hack with the IKEA SCHOTTIS blinds.

As party decor

#1 2D Pom Poms
2D pom poms from ikea blinds

April of White Grey House trimmed the shades for her window. Rather than throw the discarded material, she turned them into pom poms. And it’s so simple. She joined both ends together with the double sided tape which came with the SCHOTTIS.

Then, hot glued the centre bits together to form a pom pom. Threaded a string through to hang it up.

And that’s how you get a basic pom pom. You can paint, dye or add other ornaments to jazz it up. See tutorial here.

#2 Fan-cy decor
fan decor

Carousell user Neramani fancied up the plain IKEA blinds for Chinese New Year. “I just used a large clothes peg in the centre and used the Velcro strips already included in the SCHOTTIS blinds pack to Velcro both ends to each other. And added a pale gold ribbon that matched my other decor.”

To hide stuff

#1 Cover up open shelves
KALLAX cover up

The KALLAX is awesome and stores a motherlode of stuff. But come on, it’s hard to keep it looking pretty and organised and co-ordinated. That’s where the SCHOTTIS shade comes in and gives us an easy cover up for the KALLAX. See the tutorial.

#2 Above wardrobes
IKEA SCHOTTIS blinds as wardrobe cover

If you use the top of your wardrobes to store “stuff”, the SCHOTTIS shade is an easy way to cover up the top and give your eyes some rest. Reddit user, HugePilchard suggests that you “buy enough SCHOTTIS blinds to go the entire length of the wardrobes and stick them to the ceiling.”

For photography

#1 To diffuse light
light diffuser ikea hack


Hang it up between the light source and model / object and voilà! light diffuser.

#2 As a softbox

Make a photography softbox out of an IKEA DRONA box, SCHOTTIS shade, foil and a light bulb. See the full tutorial here.

How have you used the SCHOTTIS shade? Share your ideas with us.

Jules Yap