Montessori Tower with a touch of Mondrian

montessori tower ikea hack

I wanted to build a Montessori observation tower for a child. Kids like looking at the countertop in the kitchen to help.

IKEA BEKVAM step stool

BEKVÄM step stool |

My version of the Montessori Tower

I had left overs from a NUMERÄR countertop. So, I only purchased the BEKVÄM step tool

To make it funnier, I decided to paint it using Mondrian as inspiration.

Montessori tower

The idea consists in cutting NUMERÄR, (dimensions really depends on your inspiration) and to assemble all the elements on top of BEKVÄM. (use glue + screws).

It took me 1 day.

Here’s a guide on the construction of an IKEA BEKVÄM learning tower you may find helpful.

Painting is the most difficult part.

It requires 2 or 3 layers and must be done as carefully as possible. That’s the step which takes most of the time. (A few hours to paint over several days to dry it.)

Overall cost was 15 euros for the BEKVÄM stool.

~ by Laurent

Stay Safe!

As much as we encourage IKEA hacking, always be cautious in using a learning tower. DIY ones are untested for safety and we will not be held liable for any injuries incurred while using this or any other learning tower hacks featured on this site.

These are a few learning tower safety precautions to take note:

  • Your child must never use the tower unattended (as they may fall or reach for dangerous utensils, hot pots and pans on the counter.)
  • Remember, one child on the tower, at one time.
  • Always push the facing side of the learning tower up against a counter or wall for safety.
  • The tower must always rest firmly on a level floor.
  • Stow the tower away when not in use to avoid your child mounting it unsupervised.
  • If you’re unsure of how to construct it safely and securely, please consider getting a professionally manufactured tower. Here are a few available on Amazon.

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5 fun ways to use the BEKVÄM step stool for kids

The IKEA step stool, the little thing called the BEKVÄM, is as typical as IKEA goes.

Functional. Plain. Solidly designed.

Qualities which make it an all-round hacker favorite. I’ve seen it painted, washi-taped and sawn apart.

Take a look at how the IKEA step stool occupies a special place for kids. See IKEA BEKVÄM hacks.