How to: Easy, Precision Stacking of BESTÅ Cabinets

stacking BESTÅ cabinets - how to

Stacking BESTÅ cabinets, an alternative sturdier method.

I wanted to stack 4 BESTÅ cabinets on top of each other and attach them together to make them very stable. But I didn’t like the attachment kit that came with the cabinets. They were 2 brackets for hooking them together at the back and a strip of double-sided tape for the front (pix, below).

BESTÅ stacking attachment kit

My method replaces the two steps (pictured below) which uses the stacking bracket and tape from the BESTÅ frame assembly manual.

BESTÅ stacking instructions
BESTÅ stacking instructions

Stacking BESTÅ cabinets – Page 21 & 21 of IKEA Assembly Manual

IKEA items used: 
Other materials and tools: 

Stacking BESTÅ cabinets with precision: 

Since I had some BESTÅ cabinets which were going to be wall-mounted and didn’t need their bottom planks with the leg-holes in them, I took those to put on the top of each of the stacked cabinets.

I bought some 8x50mm screws.


I took out the inserts for the legs in what would be the top of the cabinet.

remove leg hardware

Then I placed that plank on a scrap plank I had lying around so that I could drill through the holes.

drill through the holes

I wanted to just barely pierce the other side. This was so that I knew where to drill through from the other side to make sure the hole was cleanly made without tearing the film.

stacking BESTÅ cabinets

Then I was able to stack them and pass the screws through the top plank of the bottom cabinet. Next, I screwed them into the normal bottom of the top cabinet.

stacking BESTÅ cabinets - how to

In the end, I had easily aligned all of my cabinets and secured them together with very little effort.

This is the result. (It’s part of a larger project which isn’t done yet).

stacking BESTÅ cabinets - how to

You don’t absolutely need extra cabinets that you can switch with. I could have drilled holes into the normal tops, but it would have required extra steps to get the right position for the holes.

IMPORTANT! If your stack of cabinets is tall, don’t forget to secure it to the wall.

~ by Lionel

Jules Yap