5 brilliant ways to IKEA hack a skateboard rack and organize them all

skateboard rack ikea hack

Whether you have one or a dozen boards, your longboard or skateboard rack does not need to be dull.

You can easily DIY a display stand to show them off or keep them organized in the entryway.

The first thing to determine is what kind of skateboard storage or display rack you prefer. And how many boards do you need to store?

Lastly, of course, your budget and ability to use some basic woodworking tools.

We found a few DIY racks that range from a few hundreds to a few bucks, from easy to tougher hacks. And wall mounted to free standing racks. You’re bound to find an idea you like.

Try these IKEA skateboard rack ideas on for size

#1 Marie’s compact lightweight skateboard rack

Marie from Linz, Austria used the ALGOT system to store her various types of boards.

First, install the ALGOT wall upright. And then insert the brackets into place, allowing enough distance between each bracket to rest your boards.

Then, slot your boards in. If you have more boards, use the longer wall uprights and add more brackets. That’s it.

#2 Magnetic wall mounted skateboard storage
skateboard storage

Surfguide from Germany chose the EKBY BJÄRNUM Brackets (discontinued, use the GRANHULT instead) fastened onto a SPONTAN Magnetic Board.

With the brackets in place, mount the SPONTAN onto the wall. Lastly, add the knobby GRUNDTAL hooks (discontinued, try the BAGGANÄS knobs) to hang up additional accessories. See more of the skateboard wall rack.

#3 Adjustable longboard rack
Adjustable longboard rack

Frank wanted a longboard rack that

  • looked good
  • wasn’t too expensive and
  • adjustable for more or less boards

For this, he bought an IVAR side unit and a piece of plywood to close up the back. He also made shelves from plywood to fasten diagonally on the IVAR.

Adjustable longboard rack

See more of the longboard shelf.

#4 SkateBoard Deck Display
SkateBoard Deck Display

Preppie found some IKEA CAPITA legs and her dad, with a stroke of genius said “mount them in my office on the end unit” which happened to be an IKEA ALEX Drawer unit.

The CAPITA legs are the right depth to rest the decks properly without them tipping over. And they work perfectly to display her boards.

#5 Cheap longboard standing rack

Lorenzo used a typical BUNDIS shoe rack (it’s discontinued, found a similar one on Amazon) and installed the rack without the stands on one side.

The result is a convenient and compact, not to mention very affordable, storage option for your boards. See the longboard standing rack.