A genius way to add a pull-out desk to an IKEA drawer

ikea drawer with desk

IKEA drawer with desk for small room

I wanted to create a desk space for my daughter, but the room she shares with her brother is very small. It’s only 7 sq. meters.

MALM chest of 4 drawers

MALM chest of 4 drawers | IKEA.com

IKEA item used:
  • MALM chest of 4 drawers
Other items
  • Wooden board for table and backing

IKEA drawer with desk hack

Then I had an idea. It occurred to me to remove the top drawer of the MALM 4-drawer chest we already had in the room.

In the drawer space, I replaced with a table top and attached it using the same drawer slides that came with the MALM.

IKEA drawer with desk

Finally, I attached another piece of wood at the back of the MALM desk so that the papers and things do not fall through.

IKEA drawer with desk

And voilà! My daughter got an IKEA drawer with desk without adding another piece of furniture into the small room.

~ by María

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