Help! KALLAX desk combination in horizontal position?

kallax desk combination

I bought the KALLAX desk combination, pictured below.

I wanted to place the KALLAX unit (2×4) horizontally so it would be 2 high and the product description led me to believe this was possible.

ikea kallax desk combination
KALLAX desk combination |

From the description it said – “Choose whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally and use it as a shelf or sideboard.”

However the LINNMON connecting fitting does not fit with the unit placed this way. I’ve been onto IKEA customer services and all they said is that the description is wrong …

Any ideas how to connect the LINNMON table top to a horizontally positioned on a 4×2 KALLAX unit.

Kallax 2x4 unit
KALLAX shelving unit |

Do you know or any LINNMON style connecting fitting that could be used in place of the IKEA provided one.

connecting hardware
Table connecting hardware |

The problem with the IKEA one is the upward facing side is about 1cm too small to fit over the border of the KALLAX unit of the LINNMON table unit  – if it was the same on both sides it would be perfect.


~ Donal


Hi Donal

You’re in luck! This Reddit user found a way to attach the LINNMON desk to the KALLAX in horizontal position. Here’s his set-up.

He says “By using the connectors for these two parts and cutting out a small notch in the LINNMON it is possible to use the metal connectors backwards. As the notches are completely inside the outer wooden ‘beam’ of the LINNMON it still allows full strength in the connection.”

See the Reddit post and images here.

Use different hardware

Another way to attach the LINNMON table to the KALLAX table is to use different hardware.

It may be helpful to take a walk at your local hardware shop and see the types of brackets available. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something suitable.

I’d probably try a type of Z bracket, like so. The hard part is probably finding the exact bracket length to connect the table flush to the KALLAX top.

z bracket

Hope that helps and good luck on your KALLAX desk set-up. And do send us a photo when it’s done.

Happy hacking,