KALLAX reimagined as a Modern Card Catalog Cabinet

modern library card catalog cabinet

A streamlined and sleek modern card catalog cabinet

I’ve always wanted a huge library card file/ apothecary cabinet but they are so expensive!

Just so happened, I had a couple KALLAX shelving units and four drawer inserts when I came up with the idea.

I love the size of it and how easy it is to move things around because you just have to swap the drawers.

modern library card catalog cabinet

IKEA items used:  

  • 2 units of KALLAX Shelving Unit in Black Brown (2×4 cubbies)
  • KALLAX Insert With Two Drawers in Black Brown

Other materials and tools: 

DIY IKEA card catalog cabinet:

1. Put together the KALLAX shelves and drawers, minus the knobs on the drawers.

kallax shelving unit

2. Attach casters to the bottom of one of the KALLAX shelves. I used five casters total, one on each corner and one in the middle.

wheel casters
attached wheels

3. Flip the cabinet over and stack the other KALLAX shelf on top.

stack the units

4. Install the drawer inserts. Follow IKEA’s directions and secure them into place.

modern library card catalog cabinet
insert drawers

5. Install the label pulls over the existing hole on the drawer fronts.

modern library card catalog cabinet

6. Insert the drawers, label them, and fill em up!

modern library card catalog cabinet

1 hour & approx. $550. Most was spent on the drawer inserts, coming in at $352

What was the hardest part about the hack?

Deciding if spending $350 on drawers was worth it. haha!

Anything to pay special attention to?

Make sure all the label file pulls are level and make sure the casters will support the total weight of the unit, plus everything in it.

modern library card catalog cabinet
Is there anything you would do differently?

Different types of label pulls….maybe? There are so many cool options out there. I just picked something simple and inexpensive.

See the full tutorial on my blog. 

~ by Terra, The Savvy Heart

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