Q: Which chest of drawers fits under the KURA bed?

kura chest of drawers

Has anyone put a chest of drawers or two under the KURA bed as storage? My son has a narrow room and we are thinking a midi bed with underneath storage would be best.

kura bed

KURA reversible bed | IKEA.com

~ by Danni


Hi Danni

Yes, you can definitely add one or two chest of drawers under the KURA. I’ve seen quite a few IKEA KURA bed with effectively integrated storage under it.

#1 NORDLI chest of drawers

The KURA bed is tall enough to allow chest of drawers like the NORDLI to fit comfortably under it. Below is an example of how seamless it can look.

I can’t be sure, but you may need to shorten the KURA legs slightly for the bed frame to rest snugly on the NORDLI.

kura bed with chest of drawers
nordli drawers

Pinterest | Original source unknown

Add a door on the short end of the KURA for access the hidden den.

#2 MALM chest of drawers

Alternatively, you can use the 3-drawer MALM under it too. Like so.

kura bed with chest of drawers

Again, there’s space behind the chests for a small play area. See the hack here.

hidden den

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Size wise, the 3-drawer MALM is almost similar to the NORDLI chest. The NORDLI cut out handles may be easier for little fingers to use, compared to the MALM flush drawer front. Price wise, a big $70 difference between the MALM and NORDLI.

#3 KALLAX units

The KALLAX 2×4 can be used on the long side of the KURA, while the 2×2 will fit at the end of the KURA.

kura with kallax
Credit: Marci Pinuhouse

Slot in some KALLAX drawer inserts, doors or baskets if you prefer closed storage.

#4 TROFAST units

Another popular option is the TROFAST units. They are great for toy storage and can be configured in so many ways.

kura with trofast

Apartment Therapy

ikea kids bed with trofast toy storage
#5 MALM drawers

This is a slightly different option and you’ll end up with a bunk bed with storage.

What you need to do is add 2 MALM under bed drawers to the space beneath the lower KURA bunk.

ikea kura with storage drawers

A bit more complicated than the above 4 but still doable. See the KURA bed with drawers hack here.

Hope this post has given you a few ideas, Danni. Whatever you decide, do take measurements of the space beneath the KURA and chest of drawers to be certain they fit. Measurements may have changed over the years.

Let us know what you end up with.

Happy hacking,


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