DIY Faux Fireplace from IKEA kitchen cabinets

diy faux fireplace

Love having a fireplace but the house doesn’t come with one? Well, you can always make a DIY faux fireplace.

Here’s how I built it out of IKEA METOD kitchen cabinets. (If you’re in the US, you can use the SEKTION cabinets.)

IKEA items used:

Instructions for DIY Faux Fireplace

Firstly, draw up your fireplace plan using the IKEA Home Planning Tool.

ikea home planning tool for kitchen

I chose the wall cabinets for their height.

After getting your cabinets, assemble them according to plan — two narrow cabinets (40cm) for the sides and the wider one (60cm) for the middle. The larger cabinet is where the “fire” goes.

DIY faux fireplace

My initial project used the HÄGGEBY doors. I later changed it to the SÄVEDAL door.

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Turn the cabinets upside down and screw the CAPITA legs into place. After that, you can stand them up again.

You can also connect the individual cabinets together with screws. Screw in through the dowel holes from one cabinet to another. Make sure to get screws that are not too long, in order not the puncture through to the inside of the adjoining cabinet.

Fix the drawer into the wider cabinet to create the bridge.

Now that you’ve got the structure done, place the 80cm UTRUSTA shelves in the cavity of the fireplace. These are to hide the dowel holes on the sides.

inside fireplace

Place the shelves upright, against the left and right sides of the cabinet. If you want, you can fix them with double sided tape or similar.

For the mantel top, I placed a wooden board I bought from, which I got rather cheaply. You could also use the IKEA cover panels or countertops for this purpose.

Decorate it up

Lastly, the back of the fireplace.

DIY faux fireplace

With SÄVEDAL doors and fronts

You can design the back wall of the fireplace any way you wish. I mostly used a thin chipboard and papered it with a 3D peel and stick brick or stone pattern. You can be completely creative and design it to fit your home decor.

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DIY faux fireplace

Inside the fireplace you can place LED lights, faux burning logs or flameless candles to mimic the real thing. Do get one that doesn’t give out any heat.

faux burning logs

Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log

Then just go wild and decorate your mantelpiece with all the trimmings. That’s about it.

Best thing, besides a DIY faux fireplace, you still have lots of storage space behind the cabinet doors.

See instructions and complete shopping list with prices on my site.

~ by Angi (Follow me on Instagram @deko_obsession)