Q: EXPEDIT cubes hacked for TV?

expedit TV stand hack

I have an EXPEDIT 5×5 bookcase that is probably 10+ years old.  I want to remove 9 squares in the EXPEDIT to place a TV inside, do you think it is possible?

Expedit shelving unit

Thanks for any advice,


Hi Jill

Glad to know your EXPEDIT is still going strong.

And yes, it possible to house a TV in the 5×5 EXPEDIT shelving unit.

Let’s take a look at this hack from way back then:

EXPEDIT TV stand hack

The hacker cut out the necessary shelves to create the center area for the TV, and assembled as normal without the missing pieces. Then, for extra support, he added L-brackets on each of the corners of the shelves where he had cut.

Lastly, he used melamine to cover the cut sections of the shelf as well to give it a finished look. The TV is placed on a rotating TV stand for TV viewing in the living room and bedroom. (The EXPEDIT serves as a room divider).

Here’s a closer look.


You’ll probably not be able to place heavy things on the top 3 cubes above the TV, as the shelves will not be supported by the original vertical planes.

Here’s another version which removed only 6 cubes. Jonathan reused two of the removed shelves to create shelves for the DVD player, which I think is such a smart idea.

EXPEDIT TV stand hack

For those who have a KALLAX 5×5 instead of the EXPEDIT, I believe this hack should work too. Though rumors has it that the KALLAX is a bit flimsier than the EXPEDIT. KALLAX owners, do you find it so?

Jill, I hope that gives you a headstart in your project.

Happy hacking,


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