How to convert a STUVA loft bed to low bed

stuva low bed

Is it possible to convert the loft bed into a STUVA low bed?

I have STUVA loft bed with closet and desk, like in the picture below.

STUVA loft bed with closet
STUVA loft bed |

My kid doesn’t want a loft bed anymore. And she wants a low bed without the need to climb.

The problem is that we bought this STUVA combination only 1.5 years ago. I would rather not throw away the relatively new furniture and buy another one. I would love to reuse it.

So I would like to get ideas from IKEA hackers, since I didn’t find anything on the internet. 

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Hi Vita

Yes, throwing out the bed would be a such a waste.

I took a look at the assembly instructions and saw that there are 3 main components to the STUVA loft bed:

  1. The bed frame
  2. Closet and open shelving
  3. Desk

The components are somewhat independent of each other and because of that, I believe it’s possible to dismantle them and use them individually.

Ideas for a STUVA low bed

As you can see from Step 17 in the STUVA Bed Frame assembly manual, the bed frame rests on the closet structure (marked X in red).

What I would do to create a low bed is to flip the bed frame over. Like so.

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STUVA low bed conversion

I would add the panel from Step 24 to create a platform. However the side panel does not span the entire length of the bed, leaving a small gap for the ladder access. You can decide to leave that open or use some spare wood to cover it up.

Add the bed wood slats and end panel as well.

And place the mattress on top of the bed slats.

Kids bed headboard ideas

Now, for the headboard which used to the long side panel against the desk. Depending on the style you want, you can cut it down to make a shorter headboard. Finish the exposed edge with iron on edge banding.

Personally, I would rather keep it tall, and hang up pictures, perhaps a corkboard and small wall shelves to make a nice decorative headboard for your daughter. In this mode, do fasten the tall headboard to the wall for added security and to prevent warping.

My head is swimming with lots of ideas on headboards. Here’s a really sweet idea of a tall headboard with wallpaper.

STUVA low bed headboard ideas
Susanne Swegen via Cristina Mella

Make a tufted headboard or one that’s not shaped like the usual headboard.

That’s how I would hack it. Hope it gave you some ideas to start with. We’ll love to see what you do with it finally.

Other IKEA hackers may have different suggestions. Please feel free to comment below.

Happy hacking,


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