How to make a Swedish style tea towel rack

tea towel rack

A cute rack and wall shelf to keep your tea towel collection sorted.

I needed a tea towel rack in the kitchen, that would match my “older Swedish style” home.

Swedish style tea towel rack
I bought at IKEA:
Other materials:

DIY Decorative Tea Towel Rack


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First, cut up the bed linen to the right length. It should be long enough to cover the tea towels. Sew a loop at the top short end for the fabric to be threaded through the tension rod.

I cut both sections of the cheap white tension curtain rod into the correct length. You need to thread the fabric along the rod so do make sure they can be assembled from both sides.

TORNVIKEN wall shelf

To hold up the rod, I drilled holes into the side of the TORNVIKEN shelf. The tension rods had two different diameters: 10 & 11 mm. So I drilled two different diameters to match, 11 & 12mm to minimise the gap. 

Be careful when drilling in MDF as it’s happy to split. Use tape over the area to be drilled to reduce splitting. Countersink and paint the exposed area with matching white color when done.

Assemble the TORNVIKEN wall shelf. Add in the extra FINTORP hooks to the metal rod, if necessary. Slot in the tension rod with fabric to the holes on the side. Finish with finials, if you wish.

Swedish style tea towel rack

Hang up your tea towels behind the curtain. All neat and tidy.

~ by Tommy Leo

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