7 ways to personalise the IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet

While the TRONES shoe cabinet is seen as the multi-functional versatile one, the IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet is the cream of IKEA shoe storage.

The HEMNES features a more traditional design and is made from renewable wood or pine. If you want a cabinet that lasts, the HEMNES is it.

And it comes in 2 or 4 compartments and a variety of finishes. My personal favourite is the solid pine version in the dark grey stain.

IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet

HEMNES shoe cabinet with 4 compartments | IKEA.com

However, we still can’t run away from wanting to personalise it to suit our homes despite it’s classic good looks.

Let’s take a look at …

7 ways to upgrade and customise the IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet:

#1 Embellish with a wood top

Andrijana, from Belgrade, Serbia, replaced the top of the cabinet with a walnut wood plank. And added new knobs from Zara home (which is also wood with gold details). And it looks just right for the entrance when paired with the STOCKHOLM mirror

HEMNES with wood plank
IKEA HEMNES with wood plank

Another beautiful one in the same setup but with leather pulls instead of knobs. See the tutorial.

HEMNES with wood plank and leather pulls

Credit: Lavender Julep

#2 Up the glam factor

What a difference a row of mother of pearl strip does. And bubble glass knobs to match. See the tutorial.

IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet
#3 Give it a lick of paint

Paint! It does wonders. Ayisha painted the doors in grey solid ombre effect. Suits her cute dining room to a tee. See her paint tutorial here.

ombre effect

Credit: The Pursuit of Handyness

Kaila also took the paint route, covering her old black-brown HEMNES with a rich Midnight Blue. She used Behr’s Paint and Primer in one, so saved a step in the paint process. Finished with gold knobs and marble contact paper on the top panel. Love the spray painted gold feet!

painted and gold knobs

Credit: Randolph and Roses

#4 Get ornamental

Jonna glued wooden onlay ornaments onto the cabinet front. Then finished with chalk paint and wax. And voilà! A one-of-a-kind shoe cabinet. See the tutorial here.

IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet with wood ornaments
#5 Go for texture

Melonie bought a pre-loved white HEMNES, which unfortunately came with that old yellowed look. Using stencils and acrylic paint, she added a dark, subtle texture to the shoe cabinet. Oh, so classy. See her tutorial here.

textured shoe cabinet
#6 Make it a double

Got lots of shoes? Double up the 4 compartment HEMNES for a long slim shoe cabinet. See how it’s done here.

double IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet

You can also double it up, back to back. Like so, replacing the top and sealing the sides with wood planks. Lovely as a short room divider too. See the double sided HEMNES shoe cabinet here.

double shoe cabinet
#7 Build it in

Recessed into the wall, with legs trimmed and the top replaced with a curved panel. Isn’t that neat? See it here.

built in

What’s your favourite way to personalise the IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet? Tell us in the comments below.