Sloped ceiling storage for my daughter’s bedroom

sloped ceiling storage before

I took the empty space under a sloped ceiling in my daughter’s bedroom and turned them into built-in storage.


IKEA sloped ceiling built-in storage


IKEA sloped ceiling built-in storage

The main structure is made from 6 IKEA kitchen cabinets.

IKEA items used: 
Other materials and tools: 
  • A sheet of thin mdf, 240 x120cm in this case
  • 60cm x 30cm thickness plank, about 4 m total
  • Trim and painters caulk that will depend entirely on your own built in needs and the space available
  • Electric screw driver and wood screws of 35mm length
  • Paint roller and brush
  • Pin nails
  • Hammer
  • Table saw
  • Chop saw
  • Wood glue

DIY sloped ceiling built-in storage

At the start, I put together the 6 METOD kitchen cabinets with the help of my wife and son.

IKEA sloped ceiling built-in storage

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Later, when they abandoned me and thought it was boring, I attached the cabinets to each other using a few wood screws.

IKEA sloped ceiling built-in storage

I basically built 2 identical sections of 3 cabinet frames as this build is symmetrical.

The section on the left is slightly smaller. There I had to trim off one of the corners of the back of one cabinet to fit it behind the existing heater. This was then all hidden by trim at the very end.

Making the triangular shaped top

After I put in place each set of 3 kitchen cabinets, I still had a triangular shaped gap at the top. For this I made a few triangular sides using a plank of about 40mm thick and then clad the outside with a similarly shaped piece of mdf.


Everything was first glued with standard wood glue and then attached with pin nails.

The middle triangle part was left open, cause that just looked cooler to me. 🙂

triangle storage

After I glued the triangles to a sheet of mdf at the bottom I also added a similarly sized piece of mdf to the back.


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I slid the piece on top and then the process of trimming things out started. I needed to cover up the gaps at the top and sides. Also paid attention to trim out where the heater was attached in the middle.

So I bought and cut various thin strips of wood and put them in place. At the end, I went around every seam with painters caulk to really make it look built-in.


Glue glue glue, and some pin nails later it was time to paint it.

The whole thing got 2 coats of primer. I left it at that for now.

The whole room is still just in primer since we’ll pick colours later when she’s a bit older and actually cares about the color of the room.

At the very top I put in a simple 90 degree rail system for curtains that my wife sewed. It makes for easy access to the cabinets without the use of doors.

Here’s a before-after photo to compare the final sloped ceiling built-in storage.

IKEA sloped ceiling built-in storage

I’ve documented the whole process in a DIY video as well:

~ by Yves from Belgium

Jules Yap