A switch around made this into a cat bed scratch post

I wanted to avoid buying a cat bed scratch post made out of cardboard and rug material. Furthermore I could not find one that suited my style, so I decided to make my own.

The cat bed and scratch post I made for my cat Lucia consists of all IKEA items.

Here are the IKEA items I used:
LIERSKOGEN nightstand and LURVIG scratch mat

LIERSKOGEN Nightstand + LURVIG scratching mat | IKEA.com

The hack itself is quite easy.

I took off the round table top, and use then, used the metal plate that holds the top, to hold the bowl.

cat bed scratch post

Then, I wrapped the scratching mat around the post, and that’s about it.

cat bed scratch post IKEA

I put a pillow and use an old IKEA pet bed fabric I’ve had for over 10 years on the top because my cat loves the fabric.

cat bed scratch post IKEA

~ by Jose A

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