Fantastic new items added to IKEA Pet Collection

IKEA pet collection LURVIG

Two years after the launch of the IKEA pet collection, LURVIG, they have finally extended the range with very affordable items.

Most of them are under $20.

LURVIG IKEA Pet Collection

The new 2019 additions do not look as groundbreaking as the ones from the initial launch, but they are still noteworthy and enhance the entire range.

To develop the new items, IKEA called upon pet-loving designers and trained veterinarians.

“The biggest challenge is not to humanize pet products,” Dr. Barbara Schäfer explains. “It’s really important to use animal’s natural needs and behaviors like how they sleep, eat or play as starting points. Then we can design a product that fits in with our ‘human needs’ such as style and form.” Schäfer works with product risk assessment at IKEA and happens to be a trained veterinarian.

Designing to fit natural behaviour and needs


For example, when it comes to sleeping, cats love to relax in clean and enclosed spaces and to lie on furry and cozy textiles.

Dogs don’t care so much, as long as they have a space close to their owner.

The LURVIG solution is to offer cushions that come in two different covers. One with a furry texture, and the other with a smoother, dirt-resistant surface.

LURVIG IKEA Pet Collection - cushion
LURVIG IKEA Pet Collection - cushion

Cats tend to eat with their necks on a higher position — the LURVIG tall ceramic bowl is perfect for that.

tall ceramic cat bowl

Active dogs that love to snack anytime, anywhere, the LURVIG offers a flexible travel bowl. Shown below next to the LURVIG pet travel bag.

LURVIG IKEA Pet Collection carrier bag and travel bowl

IKEA pet collection for stylish owners

A lot of thought has gone into the range. Especially how they can flow into the other parts of IKEA.

I love this little hack of theirs — a cat house that easily slips over a MARIUS stool. It is the Schäfer’s favorite from the range.

According to her, “With the cat house solution, I think we really cracked the code between fulfilling the basic needs of animals and home furnishing: the owner can use it as a stool and a cat or even a small dog for resting and sleeping in a cozy environment. All the while being close to each other.”

MARIUS stool cat house

And of course, the range cannot omit essentials like a KALLAX cat cave.

KALLAX cat cave

And a mini sofa for your dog that looks just like your KLIPPAN.

LURVIG IKEA Pet Collection - mini KLIPPAN

The entire collection is totally adorable. View a slideshow of the new items in the 2019 IKEA pet collection. Click the thumbnails or use the arrows to navigate.

Are you planning to get anything from the new LURVIG collection for your dogs and cats?

lurvig ikea pet collection

Watch this cute clip or click here to find out more about the LURVIG, IKEA pet collection.

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