Modern DIY wall clock for less than $10

A DIY sunburst wall clock made from IKEA skewers.

A nice wall clock need not be expensive. (I only spent $9.24).

I made this wall clock with IKEA bamboo skewers.

DIY sunburst wall clock
IKEA items used: 

GRILLTIDER skewer, bamboo |

Other materials and tools:
  • Clock movement
  • Clock needle set
  • Cover for clock movement
  • Wooden wine case (If you have a round plate that can drill holes, you can use that)
  • Strong adhesive epoxy adhesive
  • Drill
  • Nipper
  • Torch  

DIY IKEA wall clock

1. Stick two skewers together. Glue the sharp edges together and press it down for a while. Prepare 18 two-attached units.

2. Glue all 18 of them together until the circular plate is complete. I first tried to make it out of woodworking glue. Using woodworking glue or glue gun is too weak. Make sure to use strong adhesive.

3. Put a new skewers between the skewers.

DIY sunburst wall clock

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4. Draw a triangle on the circular plate to find the center of circle. And mark the center of the round plate and each 30 degrees.

5. Drill through all marks.

DIY sunburst wall clock

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6. Cut the 12 skewers in moderation and burn them with a torch.

7. Glue these skewers into the hole on the circular plate’ side. And glue two plates together with epoxy adhesive.

8. Finally, the clock movement is mounted behind combined circular plate,

And the DIY sunburst clock is complete.

This is the link to my YouTube video showing step-by-step how I DIY the wall clock!

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