Make this stylish wooden coat stand for under $10

wooden coat stand ikea

After my last hack, the ÖRTFYLLD accent lamp, I went on to make this wooden coat stand from IKEA clothes hangers.

IKEA items used:
HOPA clothes hangers

HOPA clothes hanger |

Other materials and tools:
  • Wooden square bar 900mm x 2 (Length to fit the desired height of clothes stand)
  • Wooden dowels (these are not necessary if you get a whole wooden bar in the desired length)
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Drill guide for dowel
  • Nipper

DIY modern wooden coat stand

1. First, get the wooden square bar and drill two holes at the cross section to fit the diameter of the wooden dowel.

(Step 1 is to join the two bars into one. I made the stand out of two 900mm wooden bars, because the delivery charge was cheaper. But I would recommend making the clothes stand from a whole 1800mm wooden bar. Doing so would make the project much easier, and the 2 wooden dowels would not be needed.)

2. Apply enough woodwork glue into the hole and cross section. And then put in a wooden dowels. Push the bar together so that the dowels are tight in the holes.

wooden bar

3. Sand the all sides and corners of the bar.

4. Deconstruct the HOPA hanger. Remove the wooden bar and cut away the metal hook.

5. Cut the wooden bars into the desired length. These dowels will form the hooks where the clothes are hung on the stand. Sand down all the cut dowels.

wooden coat stand from IKEA clothes hangers

6. Now, onto the support base for the clothes stand. You’ll be using the main body of the hanger as support. Drill two holes and secure the HOPA hanger to one end of the wooden bar with screws. Countersink the drilled holes for a neater finish.

base support

7. Then along the square bar, drill holes at the spots where you want to hang your items.

wooden coat stand from IKEA clothes hangers

8. Put enough wood glue on the dowels and insert them into the wooden bar.

Let the glue dry and your wooden coat stand is done.

wooden coat stand from IKEA clothes hangers

I explained it much better with a video. See how I made the coat rack on Youtube.

wooden coat stand from IKEA clothes hangers

~ by MO_USE

Jules Yap