Bathroom mat to boho pillow. No sewing needed.

I spotted this luxurious bathroom mat in IKEA and it came in handy for my latest project — a boho pillow.

IKEA Bathmat to boho pillow

The mat is SO soft and fluffy and is perfectly sized for a big cushy floor pillow. And the best part, I didn’t have to sew a thing.

IKEA items used: 
ALMTJÄRN bath mat

ALMTJÄRN bath mat (24×35″) | Buy on

Other materials and tools: 

DIY boho pillow: 

First, gather your materials.

To give the pillow a boho feel I used yarn of different colors, textures and thickness. Once I got my design, I tied them up using the Lark’s head knot. I also braided thick yarn to create texture to the pillow.

Feel free to experiment and try different types of yarn and knotting styles.

Second, stick them to the bath mat.

Using a hot glue gun, I glued the yarn to the mat. The glue dries quickly, so be sure of where you want to stick the strands. Press them down and let them dry thoroughly.

Third, make the pillow insert.

When the front is complete I turned to the back of the mat. I cut a piece of white cotton fabric, larger than the size of the mat.

DIY boho pillow

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Then, I folded the edges of the fabric and glued them along the edges of the mat. I left one side open to fill the pillow with stuffing.

DIY boho pillow

After stuffing it, I glued the last opened edge close.

And the boho pillow is done. So easy!

I use it as a floor pillow in my living room. It’s very plush and comfy.

See the complete tutorial here.

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