10 unexpected ways to use the cheap IKEA SIGNE rug

ikea signe rug hacks

I was quite sad to see the IKEA SIGNE rug hit the “last chance list”. But if you’re like me you may have stockpiled on this super cheap rug, waiting to spring a project on it.

Let’s see what fun things we can make out of the IKEA SIGNE rug.

(If the SIGNE is unavailable in IKEA or on Amazon, you can use the newer SORTSÖ rug.)

#1 IKEA SIGNE rug pet pillow

Cornelia found the cheap SIGNE rug perfect for hacking. She used it to make a cushion for her dogs.

IKEA SIGNE rug pet pillow

You can use the pillow just as well for kids or to sit on the floor. If you use extra strong thread for sewing, it is almost indestructible.

Just get 2 SIGNE carpets, sew them together on 3 sides (leaving 1 short side open), insert filling or fabric scraps, close remaining side.


IKEA SIGNE rug pet pillow
#2 A long runner
IKEA SIGNE rug runner

I like the clean simplicity of Clara’s hack – a long runner from IKEA rugs and little patchwork accents completes the look. See the hack.

To make a wider rug, try this tutorial from Liza.

#3 Window bench cushion
window seat cushion

The SIGNE rugs wrapped around foam and stapled onto a KALLAX bookcase as a window bench.

#4 Market tote bag
IKEA SIGNE rug bag

Credit: Honestlywtf

Erica found the easiest method to create the perfect summer beach bag. See her tutorial.

#5 Bohemian fringed cushion
IKEA SIGNE rug pillow

Credit: Style-Squeeze

Pati made this pretty bohemian fringed cushion by sewing both ends and turning the cushion inside out. That’s about it. See her tutorial here.

#6 Staircase runner
stair runner

Credit: Style-Squeeze

Staircase runners can be expensive. Betcha you never imagined that the SIGNE rug as a super cheap way to lay a new runner. Evie went to town with a staple gun and the result is just amazing. See more here.

#7 Stripey ottoman

Credit: DesignSponge

Kate used 3 SIGNE rugs and lots of hand sewing to make this cute ottoman pouf. See her tutorial.

#8 Storage basket
signe basket

Credit: Kimspireddiy

Kim used the colorful rug to make a small storage basket, which is perfect for the bedroom, desk, office, playroom, nursery, or anywhere you want cute and unique storage. See her tutorial.

#9 Basket liner

Credit: Liz Marie Blog

No sewing needed. Just cut the rug and fit it around the inside of the basket and voilà! a DIY planter.

#10 Bench cushion cover
bench pad

A nice refresh for this bench. The SIGNE on the front of the cushion and a sturdier cotton fabric for the back with an overlapping seam. Read more.