8 weird things you can hack from IKEA BLANDA BLANK

I hope IKEA will never stop making these versatile stainless steel bowls. The IKEA BLANDA BLANK bowls come in 4 different sizes (5″, 8″, 11″ and 14″) and are great as a mixing bowl, tossing salads and so much more.

IKEA BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowl

IKEA BLANDA BLANK bowl | Buy on IKEA.com

How much more?

Let’s take a look at some far out hacks for the humble steel bowl.

#1 As a burger cover and cheese melting dome

Nicolaj shows us how to make a burger dome. You’ll need the small 5″ BLANDA BLANK for this. And a door knob, like HEDRA.

IKEA BLANDA BLANK cheese melter

Drill a hole at the base of the bowl and screw in the door knob. And there you have it! A burger dome cheese melter for all your summer grilling.

See how to make and use it in the video below:

#2 Bird feeder bowl

Get two 11″ BLANDA BLANK bowls, a wooden stick to join the two bowls together. And a thinner wooden dowel for the birds to perch on and enjoy the goodies.

stainless steel bird feeder

Add a hook to the top, hang up and watch the birdies. See the tutorial.

#3 Bathroom sink bowl

Get the larger bowl for this hack — either the 11″ or 14″, depending on the size of your vanity.

stainless steel sink bowl

Use an appropriately sized hole saw to cut out the bottom to fit the plumbing hardware. Seal well with silicone adhesive. Read more.


Surprisingly, the IKEA Blanda Blank bowl is a good base for an acoustic Diddley Bow (a single stringed instrument). Yup, you bet. See it here.

#5 An anemometer (wind meter)

An ‘anemometer’ is a device that measures wind speed. You can buy them, but they are usually quite small. With 6 IKEA BLANDA BLANK bowls of varying sizes, you can make a big impressive one. Read more.

wind meter from IKEA BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowl
#6 A jellyfish lamp

Too cute aren’t they?

jellyfish light

Unfortunately the IKEA STRANNE lamp is discontinued, but you can replicate the idea with string lights. Read more.

#7 Laser clock
laser clock

A laser clock, made to work with Arduino, laser, servo motors and of course, a BLANDA BLANK Bowl. See the hack.

#8 Stainless steel hanging planter

Get two different sizes of BLANDA BLANK bowls. Drill slots with a Dremel for the leather strips to pass through.

IKEA BLANDA BLANK stainless steel bowl hanging planter

Stitch the strips together to hold the top bowl in position. Then, repeat with the second bowl. See the hack.