IKEA is releasing its first official apparel: EFTERTRÄDA

IKEA has dabbled with streetwear in the past. In 2018, they introduced the limited edition SPÄNST collection in collaboration with Chris Stamp. Then, last year, they snuck in their very own beloved bucket hat. (Available again on IKEA.)

Now, IKEA Japan is debuting the Swedish company’s first official apparel capsule, in a few days time, at its Harajuku branch in Tokyo. There’s no news as to whether the limited edition collection will be released in other markets.


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In a news release, it says, “High end fashion brands have paid homage and brought IKEA’s design to the catwalk, whilst fake logo t-shirts are commonly seen in the streets of Tokyo. Now it’s time for the real thing with the launch of the ‘EFTERTRÄDA Collection’.”


‘EFTERTRÄDA’ means ‘successor’ in Swedish. And it seems to hint at a serious push by the giant furniture company to venture into fashion.

The collection is developed by IKEA Japan, in partnership with IKEA of Sweden. IKEA Japan claims that EFTERTRÄDA is inspired by, and made for, the people of Tokyo.

ikea hoodie

Emblazoned across is the barcode for the BILLY bookshelf.

ikea tshirt

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On top of a t-shirt and a hoodie, the IKEA EFTERTRÄDA Collection also features a tote bag, an umbrella, two bath towels and two water bottles. We can expect more to roll out in the future.

The collection is exclusively available in IKEA Harajuku from July 31st to August 6th. They have yet to announce the prices for the items.

All images courtesy of IKEA.com.