Maciej finds a useful hook rail that fits the BROR

Need for a broom hanger leads to discovery.

I would like to present a simple IKEA idea using a BROR shelving unit and an ordinary FINTORP kitchen rail with a set of hooks. While I use it as a broom hanger, you can definitely use the set of hooks for anything that needs to be hung.

IKEA does make its own range of hooks for the BROR. But they can only be attached to the BROR post. And sometimes we do need more than one hook on a post. So I imagine the flexible number of hooks the FINTORP rail provides will be very useful to BROR unit owners. And best thing is, it fits right out of the box.

IKEA items:

BROR shelving unit | FINTORP kitchen rail |

Why the idea?

I needed to find something for hanging mops and brooms in the bathroom. Then, I noticed a small gap between the wall the side of the BROR shelving unit, which was already in the bathroom for storage.

broom hanger

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So I decided to fit in the FINTORP rail (about 50 cm long) using original bolts and the fittings from the FINTORP. No drilling was needed!

broom hanger

Everything fits perfectly. I used just a screwdriver.

You can also use the longer FINTORP rails / curtain pipes and place them on the front of the BROR, for hanging towels, etc.

~ by Maciej, Warsaw, Poland