Saving Your Little One’s Teeth (and crib!)

Unused bumper pad becomes crib teething guard.

The second my little one started teething, she would pull herself up in her crib and start gnawing (well, slobbering initially) on the rails.

The wall-facing side was safe, as there wasn’t enough room for her to nibble, but I needed something to protect the railing on the room-facing side.

Especially since — in my infinite wisdom — I had painted the top of the railings grey. And even though I had used child-friendly paint I still didn’t want her ending up with flakes of paint on her gums.

Along came the HIMMELSK crib bumper to rescue, for the second time!

crib teething guard IKEA hack

I had already turned it upside down and used it as a crib skirt, but now that the bed was on the lower position, it was sitting unloved and unused in a drawer.

IKEA items used: 
  • HIMMELSK Bumper Pad (discontinued, try the LENAST instead)
HIMMELSK bumper pad

HIMMELSK Bumper Pad |

Other materials and tools: 

Crib teething guard from bumper pad

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the step by step process. As usual, I’m more of a doer than a planner, so I just got stuck into the project without documenting it.

But basically, I …

  1. cut a strip the length of the crib and sealed the open edge with bias tape. (The height is the full height of the bumper pad, minus the flimsy bottom bit.) 
  2. repositioned the elastics as I now needed them hidden inside the folded fabric.
  3. sewed on some ribbon, buttons and Velcro*
crib teething guard IKEA hack

The teething guard does exactly what it should, protecting my little girl’s mouth and the bed and I can chuck it into the wash when needed.

*I have very limited sewing skills, but if you know how to make proper button holes, then leave the Velcro off your shopping list!

~ by Liskat

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