They used this item to turn into a Covid WorkStation

Due to Covid, I had to work from home more often and had to create a workstation in my room, where I could hide from my toddler for a few hours.

I didn’t want to spend too much money. So I used a baby changing table that we were not using as much and bought a keyboard tray from eBay.

IKEA items used: 

Other materials and tools: 

Covid WorkStation

First, get a keyboard tray. You’ll need the tray and all its included brackets and screws.

keyboard tray

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keyboard tray

Assemble the tray. (If necessary for your model)

keyboard tray

Using the screws provided, attach the keyboard tray to the underside of the GULLIVER top shelf. 

assemble keyboard tray

I didn’t use a drill, but I guess it would have looked a bit neater if I had pre-drilled the holes. 


And done!

covid workstation

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How long and how much did it cost? 

The GULLIVER cost about £65, keyboard tray was about £10

What do you like most about the hack? 

It looks exactly how I imagined. It is very functional with lots of space to store my stationery.

covid workstation

It’s also more comfortable than it looks, because I can rest my feet on the lower shelf and the computer monitor is higher up than a regular desk.

So my working posture has improved. 

What was the hardest part about this hack? 

Putting the screws in the correct place. I had to move a few of them and the tray is not really very straight.  

covid workstation
What to pay special attention to? 

Making the tray straight was actually pretty challenging. 

Looking back, would you have done it differently? 

I didn’t have much time to invest on this project. The best way would have to disassemble the top shelf, attaching the keyboard tray separately and then assembling it back into the GULLIVER.

The keyboard tray has annoying lines that makes typing a bit too loud. I would buy a cleaner design.

covid workstation
And other thoughts/ comments that you have received about the hack: 

I worked on this one in lock down, so I didn’t have the chance to pop into the hardware store. I would have got some different screws with fitting washers. 

~ by George FB

Jules Yap