10 fab things you can do with a $13 kitchen turntable

The IKEA SNUDDA kitchen turntable: It’s one of those things I’ve always want to buy but am not sure what I’m going to use it for. Have you ever had that dilemma?

IKEA SNUDDA lazy susan kitchen turntable

SNUDDA lazy susan turntable | Buy on IKEA.com

If so, here are some ideas on how to use it and not necessarily in the kitchen.

10 fabulous ideas for the IKEA SNUDDA kitchen turntable

#1 A Kitchen Turntable

Firstly, of course as a kitchen turntable. It’s so simple, so cheap and so useful for the kitchen.

IKEA SNUDDA lazy susan kitchen turntable

Glue a round tray like the SKALA on top of the the SNUDDA lazy susan and you’ll get a handy turntable to use in those hard to reach corners under the kitchen sink. Read more.

Also works beautifully in corner cabinets.

IKEA SNUDDA lazy susan kitchen turntable

Credit: I Heart Organizing

#2 Sunburst mirror

Monica from the magazine, Home by Sunset has two wonderful hacks using the IKEA SNUDDA.


You can make a unique round mirror to suit your home decor. Monica stuck wooden teardrops on the lazy susan and painted them white. Glue on the mirror last.

#3 Big red and baby blue clock

One IKEA SNUDDA lets you make two clocks. Not bad for a $13 item. Firstly, lightly sand the top and sides of the lazy susan. Decorate it the way you want to with wooden shapes, stencils, nails — it’s up to you. Paint and assemble the clock as per instructions.

snudda clock
#4 A cute side table with storage
side table with storage

Get a side table with storage in a few seconds. Just combine the RÅGKORN plant pot and the SNUDDA lazy susan. See more.

#5 Wood and metal side table
IKEA SNUDDA kitchen turntable side table

Another side table, this time combined with MARIUS Stool legs. See tutorial here.

#6 A decor piece
IKEA SNUDDA lazy susan kitchen turntable painted

Create a unique piece with Scandinavian prints for a chaotic, whimsical art piece that’ll brighten your kitchen. See custom painted SNUDDA.

#7 A cat tree
SNUDDA cat tree

The round discs of the SNUDDA is just right for a cat tree. Seen here with STOLMEN poles. Swap the discontinued poles with the ELVARLI. See the full tutorial here.

#8 Pet playground
Degu wheel

Remember the good old turning disc on the playground? You can have the same for your Degus or other rodents now. Here’s a different version for prairie dogs. Click for more.

#9 Homework station
homework station

Decorate the turntable with paint and washi tape. Next, stick mason jars on top of the SNUDDA with fasteners. Then, fill the jars with stationery for your kids to grab and do their thing. See the full tutorial here.

#10 Wheels
coffee trolley table

Bet you never saw that coming. But the SNUDDA works as wheels in this coffee trolley table. The wheels are functional so you can move the trolley table around if needed. See the complete tutorial.

How have you hacked your SNUDDA? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published on Jan 4, 2008. Updated with new content.

Jules Yap