Hackers Help: Need help adding drawers to BRIMNES cabinet

I have been attempting to find a way to use a 75cm (29 1/2″) KOMPLEMENT drawer in our BRIMNES cabinet. For use as a kitchen pantry.

Brimnes cabinet

The shelves that fit the BRIMNES cabinet are 30″ wide.

We assembled two KOMPLEMENT drawers a couple of days ago. Attached the railings, and the drawers are about 1 inch too short in width to fit properly.

KOMPLEMENT drawer | IKEA.com

Wondering if anyone has tried this sort of hack with the BRIMNES?

Sincerely disappointed that my hack didn’t work …

But hopeful that someone at IKEAhackers has a solution to allow the addition of sliding drawers.

Thank you in advance,

~ by Anne Stephens


Hi Anne

Sorry to hear it wasn’t a perfect fit.

As the variance is not very large, I believe you can shim the drawer slides with wood. What I mean is add thin pieces of wood on both sides of the cabinet to reduce the size of the opening.

If you can get an exact 1/2″ thick wood shim, that would be great. If not, sand it down to the right thickness.

Attach the wood to the sides of the cabinet, where you want the drawers to sit. Use a spirit level to get it straight. Then, fasten the drawer slides on to the newly added pieces of wood.

Hope it works out.

Anyone else has a brilliant idea for Anne? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy hacking,


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