3 little clever ideas for the times we live in

Mask storage, drying and enjoying ice-cream.

These are strange days we live in. And they call for unusual use of things, clever thinking and not taking anything for granted.

I received these little nuggets in the submission box and Megan’s idea made my day. I love how she still got her Fro-yo cone fix despite restrictions.

What other smart things have you come up with to thrive under current realities? Tell us. We want to hear all about it.

Throwback Fro-Yo 

IKEA items used: 
  • IKEA Frozen Vanilla Yogurt Cup
Other materials: 

No cones at IKEA due to Covid-19, bummer!

Stop at the grocery store on the way to IKEA for a box of ice cream cones, around $2.50.

On your way out of IKEA, get a cup of vanilla frozen yogurt.

IKEA frozen yogurt

Once in the car, sanitise your hands and break open the ice cream cones. Then, fill the cones up with the tiny wooden spoon provided. You can actually fill about 3 cones, bonus!! 

~ by Megan

Hang up to dry

IKEA STAJLIG multifunction hanger lives up to its name. Here, we use it as a mask dryer / hanger / storage.

IKEA items used: 
Other materials: 
mask dryer and storage

~ by 2CoolApartments

Cutest mask storage bag

The mini IKEA KNÖLIG bag turns out to be a surprisingly handy storage case for a spare mask or two. It works for paper masks as well as fabric ones. In the video below, I tested it on my Uniqlo fabric mask (which is the comfiest, btw). The tiny bag can probably fit 2 fabric masks.

Remember to wash the fabric mask and sanitise the bag after every use to keep them virus free.

This enterprising Etsy seller embellishes it with a masked Minnie Mouse.

IKEA mask storage bag

Jules Yap