From Trash to Treasure: Make a Mosaic Pot

I made a stained glass mosaic pot from a cheap IKEA trash can and pieces of broken glass.

Materials needed:

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DIY Mosaic Pot

First thing is to drill holes on the bottom of the FNISS trash can.

Then, glue the pieces of glass to FNISS however you wish. Let glue dry.

Next, apply mosaic grout to the spots without glass. Coat the open spots well to make the mosaic of glass appear embedded in the pot.

mosaic pot ikea fniss

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Wait 30 minutes (or follow the instructions on tub) after applying grout and clean the glass pieces with a dry soft brush. (It’s important to clean the glass pieces because once the grout sets, it will be hard to get it off the glass pieces). Once cleaned, let the pot dry for 1 day.

Last thing to do is to put dirt in and place a plant inside. And enjoy.

mosaic pot ikea fniss

Total cost:

IKEA FNISS trash can 80 cents, broken stained glass bought for $20 from Amazon, Weldbond adhesive 5 bucks, grout 6 bucks. Total cost under 35 bucks.

~ by James