IKEA Snudda Lazy Susan Chalkboard Cheese Board

I love IKEA products and I am always looking for ways to upgrade them and make them better. SNUDDA is pretty in its simplicity, but I just felt it needed something more and a cheese board, especially a chalkboard one, is so useful.

Whenever we have people over and when we’re entertaining, we always put out a cheese board. Everyone loves cheese, and you can get so creative with all the different cheeses available.

So creating a cheese board from the SNUDDA was an immediate idea that I had.

IKEA item used:
Other materials:

Chalkboard cheese board instructions

Briefly, what I did was:

  1. Sand the SNUDDA so it’s easier for the paint to adhere.
  2. Tape up the parts I want to remain unpainted.
  3. Spray paint the exposed areas with chalkboard paint. You may need a few coats.
  4. Let paint dry thoroughly.
  5. Write the names of the cheese and serve!

The full instructions for the hack in this blog post.

chalkboard cheese board

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How much did it cost and how long did it cost?

This hack only took a couple of hours.  It cost the price of SNUDDA and chalkboard spray paint – which was about $7 – that’s it.

What’s the hardest part of this hack?

The hardest part of this hack is waiting for the paint to dry!!

chalkboard cheese board

I love how useful this hack is! Now when I entertain I have a great cheeseboard.

~ by Jae

Jules Yap