Q: How can I hack this kitchen island?

Would you guys possibly be able to help point me in the right direction of which IKEA pieces could be used to hack a kitchen island like this?

I included options A, B, and C cause I don’t know which would be more possible.

kitchen island hack

I wish there was a list somewhere of each and every IKEA part and its size and which item it comes from. 

For all the options I would need 3 pieces of white wood as close to 31″ x 25″ as possible. And 4 poles/legs around 35″ tall. (I’m open to square or round poles).

For C, that would need 4 drawers, half the length of the ~25″ pieces so both sides of the table could have 2 drawers. And then it would need 2 side panels to cover the drawer mechanisms. (And probably to attach a little shelf to the side as well).

For A I’m not exactly even sure if that would be possible. I’m not sure what the measurements of the inner storage sections would need to be. Or how it could be put together in an easy way.

Any input at all would be really appreciated!

Thank you!

~ Chaya


Hi Chaya

There is a website you can try searching IKEA by size, aptly named ikeabysize. You input the dimensions you want in centimeters, click search. And it will spew out all the IKEA pieces according to the size you’ve entered. I tried your dimensions — 31″ x 25″ and the results were quite a lot to wade through. But do give it a try.

VADHOLMA kitchen island

You are right in Option B being the easiest. In fact, IKEA has a kitchen island very close to those dimensions. The VADHOLMA.


VADHOLMA kitchen island | IKEA.com

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It comes in black with an oak top and measures (w) 31 1/8 x (d) 24 5/8 x (h) 35 3/8″. Almost a perfect fit.

More ideas to consider

I would also suggest looking at the SEKTION cabinets. You could place one 30×24″ base cabinet for a compact island. Or two 30×15″ base cabinets back-to-back for a wider island. Omit the doors if you prefer open shelves, add drawers to customize.

kitchen island hack

From left to right: VADHOLMA kitchen island, two SEKTION base cabinets back-to-back and 2 FÖRHÖJA kitchen carts back to back.

Do check out IKEA’s range of kitchen islands and trolleys. You may be able to build something suitable using one of the islands and carts as a starting point. For example, two FÖRHÖJA kitchen carts, with a butcher block cut to size as a topper.

IVAR is a possibility

Another idea would be to use the very flexible IVAR range. You can cut the side units to 35″ and attach them to the underside of a butcher block.

IVAR kitchen island hack

Then add IVAR shelves below. The shelves are a bit narrower than your desired 25″ (they are 20″) but maybe they can still work? See the tutorial for the IVAR kitchen island hack.

The thing about IKEA hacking is, you often can’t get the exact dimensions you want because, well, they are not custom pieces.

So, the process is usually a bit of a reverse engineering.

You have a vision of what you want. Next, you browse the IKEA website or the store to see what comes closest to what you have in mind. Take a look at our exclusive category on kitchen islands hacks for inspiration. Then, make modifications to make it a reality.

If you do need the islands to be of exact dimensions and style, it would be easier to get the white boards and poles cut at places like Home Depot. And then, assemble.

Alright, I’ve given you lots of ideas to consider.

Hope to see your kitchen island hack soon.

Happy hacking,


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