Plate holder completes this DIY network rack

I follow a lot of reddit subgroups which showcase network racks and I was tired of my setup where all the switches were all over the place and not organised.

So I did some research and purchased a kitchen bridging unit and rewired my whole set up.

DIY Network Rack

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The only unknown was how I was going to stack my switches until I remembered that we had a spare NYPLOCKAD that I can repurpose with a minor tweak.

IKEA items used:
NYPLOCKAD plate holder


Other materials and tools:
  • MDF 12mm + 2x screws

DIY network rack setup:

Screw a couple of pilot holes into each end and affix the MDF sheet so it stands upright.

DIY network rack

I had the spare MDF piece lying around so no cost and £3 for the plate stand.

DIY network rack

All in all, pretty pleased with DIY network rack.

~ by Sunil Chauhan