Floating Cat Shelves with IKEA GRANHULT

I wanted to make alternating shelves for our cats to climb in the corner of our bedroom.

They are placed next to our desk so they can walk from it and jump to each shelf until they are over seven feet high to look down on us.

I planned to make this as simple a hack as possible.

floating cat shelves

Max poses on the floating cat shelves

IKEA items used:
Other parts used:

Floating Cat shelves DIY

I cut the 11 3/4″ shelf into two even parts and the 7 7/8″ shelf into three equal parts.

I planned on putting each shelf 12″ apart vertically and alternating back and forth on each wall in the corner.

floating cat shelves

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The shelves on the right wall are 8 inches from the left wall and the shelves on the left wall are next to the corner.

This gives the cats enough room to hop back and forth between them.

What was the hardest part of this hack?

The hardest part was planning the spacing so there was enough room for the cats and to not get in the way of the electrical switch on the left wall.

Other consideration?

I mounted the shelves with heavy duty wall anchors to make sure they do not loosen from the cats jumping on them.

I cut cheap carpet runners up the size of the shelves and fastened them with the Velcro pads.

It took about four hours to do all of the work.

I really like how the floating cat shelves looks different from your standard cat tree.

floating cat shelves

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I plan to hang some cat toys from them with string to keep them busy.

If they spend a lot of time I might extend the top shelf with full size shelves along the wall to the other corner. 

~ by Scott H.