Eat your food scraps, new IKEA cookbook shows us how

Wilted greens, egg shells, banana peels — only fit for the trash or compost bin?

IKEA begs to differ.

They say, food scraps should be on your plate too.

IKEA Canada is helping us rethink food waste with Scrapsbook, a new cookbook that turns bottom-of-the-crisper vegetables, overripe fruit and what we’ll normally toss in the bin into edible — more importantly — delicious meals.

ikea scrapsbook food scraps cookbook

The innovative, one of a kind cookbook is available free to download as a PDF. It is also on Google Play Books and Apple Books.

“In Canada, research tells us that almost two thirds of food scraps that end up as kitchen waste could have been eaten,” said Johanna Andren, Head of Marketing, IKEA Canada. “Seeing how much waste is created in one of the most important rooms in the home, we set out to inspire Canadians by giving food scraps another look and offering new, creative ways to reduce food waste at home.”

IKEA ScrapsBook features 50 recipes made from food scraps

The cookbook features 50 recipes created in collaboration with chefs across North America. It includes breakfast, mains, soups and dessert ideas. Chefs specialising in diverse cuisines like Adrian Forte, Craig Wong, and Trevor Bird have contributed to the beautifully photographed cookbook.

For breakfast, tuck into Banana Peel Bacon & Wild Rice Pancakes made from leftover rice and banana peel.

ikea scrapsbook food scraps cookboo

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Then for lunch, we recommend the Corn Husk Smoked Chicken. With this dish, you’ll milk the last bit of goodness from corn hobs. Serve garnished with a web of corn silk.

ikea scrapsbook food scraps cookboo

Dinner is pulp burgers with DIY jalapeño cheese. This should effectively clean out the pulp, vegetable scraps, and skins you’ve been saving.

The recipes are eye opening and definitely challenges what we perceive as waste.

chocolate banana peel cake

Also included are waste-saving tips, and of course, IKEA dining products, plates and bowls to complete the meal.

IKEA Canada customers can enter an online contest to win a physical copy of the 214-page book.

 Download the PDF here.

Jules Yap