IKEA Slashed Their Prices: Here Are 33 Items We’re Adding To Cart

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Shopping at IKEA is fun again!

IKEA is known for its low prices and quirky assembly instruction manuals. However, in recent years, many customers have noticed a significant increase in the price of IKEA products. IKEA has attributed the price hike to rising costs of raw materials and supply chain issues brought about by the pandemic.

Has the company forgotten its original mission of providing affordable and accessible furniture? It seems not. The furniture retailer has again risen to its budget-friendly reputation, slashing prices across various products, including a 20 percent cut on the popular BILLY bookshelf.

Here are 33 of the best bargains, now at new lower prices, we’re making a beeline for.

BILLY bookshelf

IKEA BILLY Bookshelf - new lower price
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $69.00
Was: $89.00

The BILLY bookcase is one of IKEA’s most popular and beloved products, and for good reason. This bookcase is known for its versatility, durability, and affordability, making it a favorite among IKEA shoppers. And the BILLY is so hackable!

KALLAX inserts

KALLAX shelving unit
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Insert with 2 drawers
Now: $20.00
Was: $22.50

Insert with door
Now: $15.00
Was: $17.50

Time to get your KALLAX shelving unit organized with inserts. Add drawers or doors to the KALLAX to hide clutter and corral smaller items.

BRIMNES bed frame with storage

brimnes bed
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $319.00
Was: $369.00

The BRIMNES bed frame with storage is a small-space darling. It features built-in storage drawers underneath the bed, which provides ample space for storing extra linens, clothing, or other items. The BRIMNES bed frame with storage has always been affordable. Now with the lower price, it’s even more irresistible.

BRIMNES cabinet

brimnes cabinet
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $99.00
Was: $119.00

The BRIMNES range has the prices revised down. The 2-door cabinet is now under $100, just the right time to pick up a few for hacks like this glam credenza.

BRIMNES bookcase

brimnes bookshelf
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $129.00
Was: $149.00

Continuing with the BRIMNES, the bookcase is also a sturdy choice if you prefer open and closed shelving. Two drawers at the bottom are helpful for organizing stationery, and remote controls if you’re using the cabinets for your entertainment center.

GLADOM side table

gladom side table
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $19.99
Was: $29.99

The GLADOM is one of IKEA’s best-selling side tables. With a removable tray, the side table is practical for the living room. You can also quickly turn it into a two-tier table or add a touch of luxe to it.

HEJNE shelves

hejne shelves
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $20
Was: $25

IKEA pine products are always a good thing to “add to cart”. DIYers have referred to these shelves as “raw material” — often turning the plain pine shelves into something more.

HÖGSMA cutting board

hogsma cutting board
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $9.99
Was: $11.99

If you have the RÅSKOG trolley, this is a must-have. It fits nicely over the trolley tray, creating a flat top that you can use as a kitchen countertop extension.

HOPPVALS cellular blind

hoppvals blinds
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $34.99
Was: $42.99

Featuring a honeycomb structure, this innovative window covering creates a layer of insulation that can help reduce heating costs. The air trapped inside the honeycomb cells acts as a barrier, preventing heat from escaping through the windows. Don’t wait until the cold weather sets in – stock up on HOPPVALS now to stay cozy all winter long.

IKEA 356+ 18-piece dinnerware set

ikea 365+ dinnerware
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $59.99
Was: $69.99

The 18-piece all-white set is a classic choice that never goes out of style. Made of feldspar porcelain, these plates are both impact-resistant and durable, ensuring they’ll last for many gatherings to come. Whether you choose to use them plain or dress them up with accessories, this versatile dinnerware set is sure to elevate any meal.

IKEA 365+ 9-piece cookware set

ikea 365+ cookware
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $89.99
Was: $129.99

The IKEA 365+ cookware set is a great option for those looking for a versatile, durable, and affordable cookware set that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Made from stainless steel with a wide bottom, this cookware set gives an even and energy-efficient heat, which reduces the risk of food burning and sticking.

SVALKA wine glass, 6 pack

svalka wine glass
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $7.99
Was: $9.99

At only a little over $1 per unit, stock up on the SVALKA wine glasses for the year-end festive gatherings.

IVAR shelving unit

ivar shelving unit
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $95
Was: $105

The IVAR is as IKEA as you can get. Made from solid pine, this modular system is adjustable and can grow with your changing needs. Whether you need a small storage unit or a larger one, the IVAR can be hacked to fit your space perfectly. Use it in the garage, living room, or any other room where you need extra storage. 

JOKKMOKK table with 4 chairs

jokkmokk set
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $199.99
Was: $249.99

The IKEA JOKKMOKK table with 4 chairs is a great option for those looking for an affordable and durable dining set that can fit into small spaces. Granted, it isn’t the most stylish of dining tables, but for the price and solid construction, the JOKKMOKK is worth every dollar.

KORKEN jar with lid

korken jar
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $3.49
Was: $4.49

Want an organized pantry? This is it! Get Instagram influencers’ favorite containers in various sizes and decant away.

LACK TV bench

lack tv bench
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $59.99
Was: $74.99

The LACK TV bench features a simple and modern design that can fit into a variety of decor styles. The clean lines and minimalist silhouette give the stand a contemporary look that won’t go out of style. It’s a media unit you can use until you get that designer bench you’ve been eyeing.


alex lagkapten desk
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $219.97
Was: $249.98

Whether you’re working from home or simply need a designated space for studying, this ALEX desk combo is the perfect solution. With its combination of generous storage and a 2-feet deep tabletop, you can’t go wrong with this versatile desk setup.

MICKE desk

micke desk
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $99.99
Was: $119

Small spaces love this compact desk. It fits just about anywhere and can be combined with other desks or drawer units in the MICKE series to extend your workspace and the usefulness of the MICKE desk.

POÄNG armchair

poang armchair
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $119
Was: $129

Now: $60
Was: $70

The new price isn’t much lower; the POÄNG is worth buying even at the old price. It’s one of IKEA’s most durable designs with a timeless bentwood frame. The slight bounce gives the armchair a comfortable resilience and is just the armchair to unwind after a long day. Don’t forget to grab the ottoman for complete relaxation.

RÅGRUND shelf unit

ragrund shelving unit
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $74.99
Was: $84.99

Crafted from natural bamboo, the RÅGRUND shelf unit is not only durable but also perfectly suited for humid spaces like bathrooms. The bamboo adds warmth to the bathroom decor and creates a more tranquil space.

SAMLA box with lid

samla box
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $4.99
Was: $5.99

When it comes to practical storage solutions, the SAMLA range of boxes from IKEA is hard to beat. These boxes are not only functional but also affordably priced. With the ability to stack them one on top of the other, you can easily organize your belongings and maximize your storage space. Plus, the see-through design of the boxes makes it easy to identify the items stored inside, saving you time and hassle.

SEKTION cabinet with pull-out pantry

sektion pull out pantry
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $726
Was: $807

For those without a walk-in pantry, the UTRUSTA pull-out pantry organizer installed in a SEKTION high cabinet does a good job of storing your supplies. The baskets inside the cabinet pull out automatically when you open the door making it easy to access items in the back. Close the door, and it blends seamlessly with the rest of your IKEA kitchen cabinets.

SNIDAD basket

snidad basket
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $29.99
Was: $36.99

The basket went viral when a DIYer flipped it upside down and added a round wooden top to the basket. In just one simple step, it became an outdoor coffee table.

SNURRAD lazy susan

snurrad lazy susan
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $29.99
Was: $35.99

Hailed as a genius refrigerator helper, this lazy susan pulls out and revolves so you can see and reach the smallest jars at the back of the fridge.

STJÄRNBRÄCKA comforter, extra warm

STJÄRNBRÄCKA comforter, extra warm
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $79.99
Was: $99.99

Winter is coming. Stay warm with this extra warm comforter in full or queen size.

STRANDMON wing chair

standmon wing chair
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $299
Was: $369

A 1950’s classic that IKEA brought back. The high back of the chair is specifically designed to provide extra support for your neck, ensuring that you can relax in style without any discomfort. Whether you’re curling up with a good book or simply need a comfortable place to unwind after a long day, the STRANDMON high-back chair is the perfect choice.

TORNVIKEN kitchen island

tornviken kitchen island
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $399.99
Was: $459.99

The TORNVIKEN is the quickest way to add a kitchen island to your space.


fjallbo tv unit
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $179.99
Was: $199.99

Say goodbye to the frustration of remote control signals not getting through with the FJÄLLBO TV unit. With its mesh doors, this unit not only adds a cool industrial vibe to your space but also allows for proper ventilation of electronic equipment.


lauters lamp
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Floor lamp
Now: $59.99
Was: $79.99

Table lamp
Now: $39.99
Was: $47.99

A stylish accent lamp made from recycled PET bottles with a solid wood base. Besides its sustainability factor, it can also be modified into something extraordinary like this vintage camera lamp.

RUDSTA glass-door cabinet

rudsta cabinet
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $169.99
Was: $199.99

Pick this one up if you’re interested in making an indoor greenhouse.

STARKVIND table air purifier

starkvind air purifier table
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $199.99
Was: $269.99

A one-of-a-kind table, which may become a collector’s item. It’s a side table that improves indoor air quality at the same time. Talk about dual-purpose furniture!

TROFAST frame, white

trofast frame
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $59.99
Was: $69.99

The price of the white TROFAST frame is reduced by $10. The TROFAST is the go-to choice for toy storage and amazing hacks like this large LEGO table.

ALEX drawer unit

alex drawer unit
Photo Credit: IKEA.

Now: $89.99
Was: $110

With its clean lines and simple design, the ALEX drawer unit is easy to mix and match with other decor styles, whether you’re using it to support a desk or as a standalone piece. The back of the bookcase is finished, which means you can place it in the middle of the room. With its unbeatable price, coming under $90, this is the perfect time to add it to your cart and complete your IKEA desk.

What do you think of IKEA’s new lower prices? Tell us in the comments.

Jules Yap