3 refrigerator gap filler ideas for IKEA kitchen cabinets

Hackers Help: Richard needs a 20cm refrigerator gap filler!

Hi IKEA hackers,

I am building a kitchen in Germany, using IKEA METOD cabinets, third part fronts (either Koak out of NL or Custom Fronts out of UK) and my own appliances.

But, I am racking my brain how to fill a gap which spans above the refrigerator.

Gap is 1 meter wide (100cm), 60cm deep and 60cm high.

ikea metod kitchen plan

Only options I see from the METOD range with 60cm deep wall cabinets are the above fridge type.

For the 60cm high variety, there is only 60cm wide … so no way to get to 1M wide.

I could use 40cm high cabinets (60cm wide + 40cm wide) but this leaves a 20cm gap above the fridge which I would like to avoid.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to make a set of wall cabinets which are 1M wide, 60cm deep, 60cm high?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Richard

The METOD is a great choice. I used it in my previous kitchen and absolutely loved it. I too used the METOD top cabinets as a refrigerator gap filler.

refrigerator gap filler ideas

And from the other side.

refrigerator gap filler ideas

If I read your kitchen plan correctly, the depth of the wall cabinets (on the right, above the base cabinets) are 37cm. And the ones you want to install above the fridge are 60cm. Right?

As you mentioned, the 60cm deep fridge top cabinet seems to be the only choice if you want a 60cm deep wall cabinet.

I have a few thoughts when it comes to hiding the 20cm gap above the fridge.

3 refrigerator gap filler ideas

#1 Cover panels and taller doors

The first is to use cover panels to create the “cabinet box”.

Cover panels come in various depths and lengths. Use the 62cm deep cover panels on all 3 sides surrounding the 60+40 cm wide fridge top cabinets. Cut the cover panels to 60cm height and attach them to the left and right sides of the cabinet, extending above the cabinet. And finish the top with another cover panel cut to length.

kitchen cabinet fridge gap cover panels

As for the doors, I’m taking a reversed concept from this hack. Let’s see if we can install taller doors on shorter cabinets! I’ve not seen that done but I think it’s possible. Drill a few new holes in the cover panel (plus a strip of spacer to level things out) for the hinges.

You can switch the gap from above to below the cabinets, if you prefer, which can look pretty good too.

#2 Use a base cabinet

Another idea would be to use the 20×80 base cabinet. Add a 20cm spacer on the end flanking the high cabinet, which I assume is 60cm deep. Or distribute the space evenly with a 10cm spacer on each end of the cabinet.

refrigerator gap filler ideas

You’ll still need a cover panel on the right side to cover up the exposed cabinet top (now lying down). Or use a shelf to do the trick. If you rather not use taller 60cm doors, you can opt for regular doors for the 60+40 cabinets and a flip up door for the 20cm base cabinet.

#3 Use an open cabinet

One last thought is to use open cabinets like the TORNVIKEN. As the TORNVIKEN is only 37cm deep, do not fix it against the back wall. Rather, attach it aligned to the bottom edge of the cabinets. Use screws and drive them from the METOD cabinet into the TORNVIKEN and vice versa.

refrigerator gap filler

Yes, it’ll leave a 23cm gap behind the TORNVIKEN but no one will see it, unless they crane their necks to peek under. Get the TORNVIKEN in a contrasting colour, because the colour will be hard to match.

This idea is probably the easiest of the lot and will provide useful open cube shelving above the fridge. Or you can apply the same taller door concept to cover them up.

Will any of these refrigerator gap filler ideas work for you?

Let us know how your kitchen turns out.

Happy hacking,


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