IKEA RABBLA box now more useful with these 8 accessories

I wanted to create a series of accessories to expand the functionality of the IKEA RABBLA box with compartments.

The only tool you need is a 3D printer to offer your personal touch to your box. After the description you can find the link to get the printable STL. If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can search for 3D printing stores near you that can help you print them out for a small fee.

IKEA RABBLA box with compartments with 3D space dividers
Ikea items used:
ikea rabbla box

Photo: IKEA.com

Other items used:

IKEA RABBLA Space Divider

The RABBLA storage box comes with dividers that create 4 basic compartments. Each compartment may still be too large for smaller items you wish to store.

The first thing you might feel the need is to divide the 4 basic compartments into smaller customized dimensions. So we start the customization with a simple divider. The divider has 2 parts: the main divider and the ender for reasons you’ll soon understand. Link to STL files.

Space Divider with Pocket

After dividing the spaces you may feel the need for a pocket to store small objects. This is the first of a series of solutions for this need. It replaces the main part of the Space Divider and combines with the ender. Get the file.

IKEA RABBLA box with compartments with pocket

IKEA RABBLA Rack Space Divider

As a maker I have many small tools such as pliers and screwdrivers. A rack helps to keep them in view and ready to use, so I created this rack (it works best in pairs!) It can also be useful, for example, to keep in order brushes and cutters for painting and modeling enthusiasts. Like the previous item, it replaces the main divider and integrates with the ender. Get the file.


Ender with Pocket

If the standard ender is not enough, this version, compatible with all previous dividers integrates a pocket. Very useful as a pen holder. Get the file.

pocket for small items

Small Items Tray

Small objects can be difficult to find quickly if scattered around the large container. So I designed this tray. It hangs on the central frame or on the simple divider, so you can easily reach for the small objects. Get the file.

IKEA RABBLA box with compartments with 3D printed tray

Hanging Pocket

Similar to the previous one, with the same positioning possibilities, this pocket is designed for slightly larger objects, such as a power bank or hand sanitizer. Get the file.

for larger objects

Multilevel Small Items Container

Especially dedicated to small objects I made this accessory which allows you to store them clearly in view on 3 small tiers. The space underneath remains free, letting you store markers or similar items in the compartment. Also it can be used independently. To hang it on the RABBLA use the dedicated hook. Get the file.

IKEA RABBLA box with compartments with multi tier storage

WhiteBoard Lid Adapter

Last but not least, I present one last accessory. This one needs a bit of extra DIY in addition to printing the STL. The adapter allows you to hook the lid to the frame and prop up the lid to use as a whiteboard. You’ll also need to glue an A4 laminated sheet, with a hole cut in the center, to the lid. Get the file.

To convert the lid to a whiteboard:
1. Laminate a white sheet of A4 sized paper.
2. Stick it on the lid using double-sided tape.
3. Recreate the hole in the lid using a cutter.
4. Fit the 3D printed adapter onto the cover and the frame as shown in the photo
5. Write using the special markers for whiteboards.

Have fun with your personalized IKEA RABBLA!

I hope that the community of IkeaHackers and 3D printers become more united!

~ Patrizio!