IKEA Nordli Hacks for Bedroom Storage and More

The NORDLI range from IKEA is among the best-selling bedroom furniture that offers ample storage options, combined with sleek and clever functionality. There are several items in the NORDLI range, including bed bases and headboards with built-in storage and several storage chests and shelves with various configurations. 


The best feature of the NORDLI collection is its wide array of storage solutions, including modular drawers, dressers, and bed frames with built-in storage. Whether you need to store clothing, bedding, or accessories, the NORDLI bedroom furniture set offers plenty of storage space to keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free. 


1. Modular Drawer Chests


IKEA NORDLI chest of drawers


The modular chest of drawers in the NORDLI range is easily configurable. There are drawers of various sizes, heights, and depths, but every size fits perfectly within the frame of the NORDLI chest range. 


This means you can fully customize the drawers you place into the chests, design the internal shape of the storage chest depending on your needs, easily alter the number of drawers in the chest, and even how the drawers are positioned in the chest. 


There are also various types of top and bottom pieces for the NORDLI chests. These can be built as in-closet drawer storage or used as stand-alone storage chests that can double as bedroom dressers or tall chests to make better use of space. 


All NORDLI drawer chests can be interlocked, regardless of their height, which allows the chests to be combined into interesting and unique designs that turn your drawer chests into statement furniture pieces. 


2. Bed Frames With Underbed Storage


ikea nordli storage bed


The NORDLI storage bed frames and headboards are designed to pair perfectly with the NORDLI drawer chests. 


The headboards have modular storage rails that can be fitted with NORDLI storage boxes of various designs and placed at any point along the rails. This means you can place shelving or a built-in bedside table wherever it suits you best. As the nightstands are hung from the headboard, they do not get in the way of the under-bed storage drawers.


The storage bed frames have built-in drawers of various sizes. These drawers tuck away under the bed for neat storage, glide out smoothly, and are available in sizes and depths that enable almost anything to be stored securely under the bed and out of sight. 


The bed frame is available in Queen and King-size, both with modular drawer storage. The IKEA NORDLI range is one of the best IKEA bedroom collections for small spaces.




The NORDLI range is all about modularity. Every drawer is interchangeable, and you can build custom-sized chests according to the types of drawers you want to use. 


nordli hidden table


A superb hack with the NORDLI system is to use the modular drawer chest from the range to create useful hidden tables where you need them most.  


This hack uses wooden boards that fit within the drawer slides of the modular dresser. The boards are placed on top of the shelves that you want to use as a table, providing a flat surface that can be easily extended and retracted in the dresser. 


You can still use the space under the boards within the drawer for storage, which makes this hack even more useful. The boards are also interchangeable for the same size drawers, so you can easily move the table where you want it to be within the dresser. 


Another fun hack for the NORDLI range is to use decorative wraps to improve the look and feel of the NORDLI products, such as dressers and shelves, to provide a more personalized look for the units. 


nordli dresser drawer hack


The NORDLI cabinets can look quite plain, and adding an interesting DIY design makes them blend into your home’s décor. Use vinyl wraps that can be custom-made to your design, or purchase a wrap, drawer insert, drawer strip, or stickers made specifically for the NORDLI drawer dresser range. 


Several companies provide these decorative decals, and some companies can print photographs on them, allowing you to turn your NORDLI furniture into a beautiful picture collage if you choose. 


Continue reading for more IKEA NORDLI hacks on making the simple IKEA furniture system look and feel far more functional.