1.99 alarm clock becomes mcm style table clock

Made this retro/ mcm clock a couple years ago from two items I purchased from IKEA maybe 10 plus years ago.  

I don’t recall the product names, it’s been that long.   

The clock (VÄCKIS) was a $1.99 (if I remember) battery operated clock.  Side note, I’ve only changed the battery once. 

The back piece was IKEA’s bamboo soap dish (possibly DRAGAN). 

Not having anything to do one day, I got the idea of putting the two together for a retro/ mcm table clock. 

mcm clock ikea hack

The first thing I did was to trace around the clock while I had it laid on the soap dish. 

mcm clock ikea hack

Second step was to cut out the traced “square”.   

I did this by drilling a hole in one corner of the trace area, then using a jigsaw cut out the square.   

At the time I didn’t realize the clock body had a slight taper which worked out well as it tightened itself as I inserted the clock.   

To keep it from falling over, I recessed and glued two short round wood dowel “legs”  to the backside of the soap dish. 

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As for the finish, I left everything in its original finish.   

mcm clock ikea hack

On either side of the clock small wood wedges hold the clock in place. The one on the right needs to be trimmed back to the bamboo body.

I purchased two of the soap dishes and have used just the one.  Thinking of another soap dish project.

~ by Charlie