Bunk bed and a nice large desk for my girl’s room

girl's room with large desk

Daughter’s room is now ready for friends and sleepovers.

My daughter is 6 years old, and this summer she started school.

She loves to draw and play at her desk, preferably with one of her friends. We wanted to put a large table in the middle of her room, so that two children can sit at it together.

With some simple wood panels from the DIY store, I created and attached a light-weight wall against the KURA bed.

This way, it provides a nice divider to place the table against.

girl's room with bunk bed and large desk

And then we hung a pegboard against the wall, so that she has a convenient place to put her pencils and drawings.

My daughter loves the end result, and she’s always super proud to invite her friends.

The LED lights behind her bed especially, are always the star of the show.

IKEA items used:
kura loft bed
Photo: IKEA.com

KURA bed
LEDBERG LED lighting strip flexible, 5 m
LÖNSET slatted bed base
SKÄDIS pegboard
SOLSKUR pendant lamp

Other materials and tools:

Lightweight wood panels
Hammer and nails
White wood paint

How we added a large desk to a little girl’s room

Saw the wood panels so that they are approximately 150 long. The total width they should span is about 100 centimeter.

large desk with pegboard

(I bought 6 panels that were 300 centimeters long. Sawed them in half and used 12 panels that are 150 cm long.)

Sand down and smoothen the edges of the wood panels to avoid splinters.

girl's room with bunk bed and large desk

Paint the bed and the wood panels.

Nail the panels against the bed.

Place a table and two chairs against the wall, and hang a lamp above the table. Hang a SKÄDIS pegboard above the desk.

For a wow-effect, install a strip of colorful LED-lights behind the bed.

Sleeping arrangements

Our daughter sleeps at the top of the KURA bed. When a friend comes over, they can use the spare bed at the bottom.

The spare bed is basically a mattress on a slatted bed base (so that there’s some air ventilation underneath the mattress.)

lower bunk

The mattress at the bottom of the bed is inside a black cover with a zipper, so that when nobody is sleeping there, it can be used as an additional play area.

How much did it cost and how long did it take?

Building my girl’s room was quite inexpensive, and didn’t require a lot of technical know-how.

Most of the time was spent on painting the bed and the panels.

girl's room with bunk bed and large desk

~ by Michiel Terlouw