IKEA Montessori Hacks: 7 Most Useful And Fun

ikea flisat insert

While IKEA may not have made children’s products especially to fit the Montessori method, many parents have cleverly use IKEA products and hacks to create a home environment that encourages hands-on learning, imaginative play and independence.

Here are some favorite IKEA hacks that are either Montessori inspired or useful ideas for a Montessori home. 

Montessori Bookshelf for IKEA Kura

ikea kura montessori bookshelf

My son has tons of books and we wanted a book display where he can pick and choose his own books. Rather than buy a bookcase, we decided to use the end of the IKEA KURA bed to create a Montessori bookshelf, kinda like a super large kids book storage.. As the KURA already has a frame around the back panels, all we need to do was to add strips of wood to hold up the books. The books rest on the KURA frame supported by the wood strips.

IKEA items used: 

Other materials and tools: 

  • Wood strips/dowel rods
  • Screws
  • Spirit level
  • Screwdriver

How to add Montessori bookshelf to IKEA KURA bed 

First, buy proper wood strips, each one of them should be 98cm (38.5 inches).

Mark the places you will fix the strips. (Consider the sizes of the books you wish to display.) Use a spirit level to keep the strips straight. I used 2 strips of wood across the KURA frame. Depending on the height of your books, one strip may be adequate to hold them in place.

ikea kura montessori bookshelf

At each end, screw in the wood strip with the help of a screwdriver.

Repeat this process for each wooden strip. You can also choose to paint the wood strips to match the KURA bed.

Enjoy your IKEA Montessori bookshelf.

~ by Ugur

IKEA Montessori Kids closet

As your little one grows, let them get the hang out of picking their own clothes. As they are not quite ready for children’s wardrobes, repurposing open storage into a toddler closet works well. Nicole took 3 IKEA TROFAST storage units and added a tension rod within the TROFAST frames. Insert a TROFAST shelf to the second last rung to divide the frame. In this bottom section add a woven baskets for smaller items like socks and gloves. When he grows out of this closet, Nicole can convert it back to toy storage or another IKEA hack like a LEGO play table with adjustable table height.

Hack a Learning tower with IKEA step stool

IKEA BEKVAM step stool learning tower hack

The essence of the Montessori method is self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. A learning tower will enable your child to look, help and play at your kitchen counter when you cook. A learning tower has guard rails and is safer than letting your child stand on a chair.

One of the most popular DIY learning tower is to hack the BEKVÄM step stool into a learning tower. You can also use upcycled materials to make one or the old MOLGER cart if you can still get your hands on one.

DIY Pikler Triangle

DIY Pikler triangle ikea hack
Blaire Wilson

A Pikler Triangle is a fantastic addition to your kids playroom, if you’re creating a Montessori style environment. The Pikler Triangle was invented by Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian pediatrician, some 100 years ago. Her idea behind it was a child must be allowed freedom of movement to promote development of gross motor skills. Readymade ones are available but if you have an old unused IKEA SNIGLAR crib, you can DIY your own Pikler triangle.

IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen with working sink

The DUKTIG play kitchen is all about pretend play and nothing actually works. But what if you can make the faucet actually work with running water? The main item you’ll need for this is a portable water bottle pump and a 2 gallon water bottle. See this tutorial for the full process of making the DUKTIG sink where your young ones can wash their hands, spoons and bowls.

IKEA FLISAT sensory table

The IKEA FLISAT children’s table is one of the top IKEA picks for Montessori style play and perfect for all sorts of genius IKEA FLISAT table hacks. The table has two removable covers. Lift them up and you can fit 2 TROFAST storage tubs under the table tops. And that’s where the fun starts. Fill the trays with beans, sand, water for a new play everyday. Buy FLISAT inserts to take learning to the next level.

Kids Self-Care Vanity

kids self care area - Montessori hacks

If you have space in your bathroom or kitchen add a kids self care area. In the Montessori approach, a self-care area fosters independence as your little ones learn to brush their teeth, wash snot off their faces, comb their hair, all by themselves.

The BEKVÄM kitchen cart can be modified into a bathroom vanity for kids. What you need to do is take the wheels off the front two legs. Measure how high the countertop should be to fit your child’s height and cut the 4 legs accordingly. On the countertop, trace the shape of the sink and cut the board, following the trace. Drop the sink into the hole and seal all gaps with silicone. You may need to add a few coats of varnish to protect the wood from water. Then connect the plumbing.

What kind of IKEA Montessori hacks do you have at home? Or what are your favorite IKEA products for Montessori type of play? Let us know in the comments below.